Tell your senators: Vote ‘no’ on keeping Trump’s Fed Chair

President Biden announced that he is renominating Jerome Powell to lead the Federal Reserve, missing a big opportunity to nominate a climate chair.  

While President Biden failed this important test on climate, it’s not a guarantee that Powell will serve another term. The Senate must still confirm Powell, and he’s already lost three Democratic votes. 

If we keep up our efforts, we have the chance to sink this nomination and get a Fed that prioritizes everyday people. 

Add your name to tell your senators where they should stand on Powell with this letter today:

Dear Senator,

The Federal Reserve has a mandate to regulate the banks and steer the economy away from crisis.

But the fact of the matter is that the banks are fueling the climate crisis. It’s time for the Fed Chair to step up on climate action — and Jerome Powell has shown he is not that leader.

Jerome Powell must NOT be reconfirmed as Federal Reserve Chair. I urge you to vote ‘no’ on his confirmation when it’s brought to a floor vote.

Your Constituent