Mandate vaccines for air travel!

President Biden

Now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer COVID vaccine, more and more places are implementing vaccine mandates for participants, employees, and customers. As life-after-COVID resumes, air travel should be no exception. Qantas Air has already announced a vaccine mandate for international passengers, and many airlines already have vaccine mandates in place for their employees (just not passengers.) Dr. Fauci has even commented that he believes you should be vaccinated before air travel and said he’d support a mandate — so what’s the hold up?

Add your name to demand President Biden mandate vaccinations for all airplane passengers!

Vaccines work. They’re safe, too. Our hospitals are overwhelmed. The solution is simple: help them flatten the curve by doing the things that are proven to keep us safe. President Biden has an obligation to mandate vaccinations wherever possible in order to fight this pandemic.

Anti-vaxxers are putting an entire nation at risk — the immunocompromised, children, the elderly. With only a little over half of the country vaccinated, we are far from the possibility of herd immunity. Biden has already doubled the fine for not masking up on flights, he should absolutely take the next step and require vaccinations for flying.

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