Demand Alabama Representatives reject the bill criminalizing medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth!

Target: Alabama House of Representatives

Trans people have been under constant attack from the GOP the past few years, from Trump’s transgender military ban, to banning gender changes on birth certificates, to banning trans kids from participating in school sports.

Now, they’re at it again: this time in Alabama where the State Senate has passed a bill that would criminalize doctors who use widespread evidence-based medical practices when treating their transgender youth patients. Doctors will face the terrible choice: denying Alabama’s transgender youth vital medical care…or imprisonment.

Add your name to demand the Alabama House of Representatives reject HB1 and SB10, an inhumane and dangerous intrusion of transphobic views into the medical field.

Transgender youth already face monumental challenges navigating transphobic families, classmates and teachers, and community members. They face bullying, harassment, violence, and high races of suicide. The additional emotional damage and physical harm of a statewide ban on proper medical care cannot be understated.

HB1/SB10 places higher priority on the transphobic feelings of conservative Alabamians than it does on the lives of transgender youth and the doctors upholding their oath to care for them. But it can still be stopped.

Trans youth need the careful, science-based medical support of their doctors – not bigoted legislators who want to punish their existence! Sign here to demand Alabama representatives vote NO on HB1 and SB10.