Tell the Alabama legislature to stop targeting trans kids!

Target: Alabama State Legislature

Legislators in Alabama are quietly working overtime to permanently institutionalize anti-LGBTQ bigotry and are deliberately targeting those in the most need of protection and care — trans children. 

In an appalling show of cruelty, Republicans in Alabama have introduced a slew of bills designed to ostracize, demean, and deny healthcare to trans kids. Last year, they banned trans youths from taking part in school sports consistent with their gender identity and narrowly failed to criminalize providing gender-affirming healthcare to trans minors.

That bill has already been re-filed for the 2022 session as SB 5, and this time with the added obligation for schools to inform parents if their child is exploring their gender identity, stripping kids of their right to privacy and their right to come out if they so choose.

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Just proposing this bill is going to heap psychological trauma and hardship upon trans kids. But when they become law, lives will be lost. Surveys show that 14% of trans youths have tried to commit suicide, including over half of all transgender male youths. Young people shouldn’t have to feel like they’re being oppressed, harassed, and rejected by their own state government. 

These bills are nothing but a deeply cynical and morally reprehensible attempt to rile up the GOP’s voting base and fuel the ferocious culture-war hysteria that the GOP is hoping to ride to victory in the 2022 midterm elections — and they’re bullying kids to do it.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be paying attention. These discriminatory bills are advancing through legislatures all across the country, but the mainstream media has barely covered the issue at all, preferring to chase ratings and ad revenue instead of keeping the public informed. 

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