Demand a ban on stock trading by Members of Congress!

Target: United States Congress

For far too long, Members of Congress have used classified information to help them make millions off stock market trading. No politician should get to abuse their power like this while working families are struggling to make ends meet.

Conflicted stock trading hurts our democracy, and that’s why Congressional candidate Dr. Annie Andrews is supporting a stock trade ban for Members of Congress.

Add your name to stand with Dr. Annie Andrews and call for Members of Congress to be BANNED from buying, selling, or trading stocks in office. 

It’s shameful to see how even in times of economic downturn, like when the pandemic first hit, our representatives were raking in millions instead of focusing on helping American families bounce back. That’s no way to lead our communities forward. 

In order to make sure our elected officials are truly working in the people’s best interest, Members of Congress must take immediate action.

Sign your name to support Dr. Andrews in her fight to ban stock trading among Members of Congress!