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Blinken and Lavrov meet face to face for first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Top Stories for March 2:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jamie Raskin humiliates Lauren Boebert to her face at House hearing

BOOM! Rep. Raskin roasted Boebert and all her colleagues with a clever and hilarious turn of phrase.

Take Action: Reject the GOP’s plan to ban Women and Gender Studies from Florida colleges!

Video shows Texas anti-drag bill author dressed in drag
A video surfaced on Twitter and TikTok this week showing Texas State Rep. Nate Schatzline, a Republican, skipping, running, and dancing in a park while donning a black sequined dress and a red eye mask. This is the same state lawmaker who authored a bill that would classify venues that host drag performances as “sexually oriented” busineses and ban minors from entering them. We all know by now that most things Republicans do is pure projection, but this is so on the nose it’s breathtaking.

Take Action: Tell Congress to defend Medicaid and CHIP!

Republicans caught pulling DISGUSTING stunt over train derailment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Unbelievable. Brian Tyler Cohen’s videos are now in Spanish! If you have friends or family who speak Spanish and want to keep up with politics, please send them this link to subscribe to my channel. And if you want to help support the Spanish effort, you can also watch and subscribe just to get things moving in the algorithm. Every bit helps!

Arkansas bill restricting bathroom access in presence of minors advances
A new anti-trans bill in Arkansas marks a terrifying escalation of the GOP’s war against trans people by essentially criminalizing their existence in public spaces or being proximate to minors, because they clearly represent a threat to kids just by existing. Republicans won’t stop until trans people are excluded from society all together — and legislating hateful conspiracies into law only puts more trans lives at risk.

Take Action: Tell Congress to reform Supreme Court ethics!

Eli Lilly to offer $25 insulin
Pressure works! President Biden’s push to lower prices of insulin — with an assist from well-intentioned, online pranksters — has successfully convinced the major insulin maker to lower the price of its insulin products to just $25 and expand its insulin value program so that an existing $35 cap on some insulins will now apply in about 85% of US pharmacies. For far too long, pharmaceutical corporations have reaped obscene amounts of money by holding the lives of sick Americans hostage, forcing them to pay outrageous prices in exchange for live-saving medicine. It’s now time for the Biden team to demand reasonable price caps for ALL other drugs!

Take Action: Demand Congress make tax preparation free!

FBI reportedly pushed back against Mar-a-Lago raid
The Washington Post released a disturbing new report that claims the FBI was “timid” about the prospect of a raid on Mar-a-Lago and instead wanted to simply ask the disgraced ex-president to politely to turn over the documents. Some agents even wanted to stop the investigation and take Trump at his word. Thankfully, prosecutors fought back and got their way — but it’s clear there are some serious pockets of pro-Trump support in the FBI, putting not just their loyalty but also their willingness to enforce the law into serious question.

Arizona GOP torn apart by wild cartel accusations

Drama reigns in Phoenix after a QAnon-devoted lawmaker brought an insurance agent to give a presentation to both houses of the state legislature. That agent, Jaqueline Breger, publicly accused Gov. Katie Hobbs, several Maricopa County supervisors, a dozen Maricopa County Superior Court judges, and the mayor of Mesa of taking bribes from the Sinaloa drug cartel without evidence — except, why not, a soon-to-be-released book written by her boyfriend. Now the GOP is busy playing the blame game for the deeply embarrassing spectacle. Just the kind of dedicated public service we’ve come to expect from the Republican Party.

The next presidential election could be at stake

Wisconsin Democrats:  With the balance of the state’s Supreme Court on the line, progressive champion Judge Janet Protasiewicz and radical MAGA extremist Dan Kelly have emerged as the nominees for the vacated all-important swing seat. This April 4th election is an absolute MUST-WIN for everything we hold dear — abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, the right to vote, and potentially even a free and fair election for the next President of the United States. Can you chip in to make sure Janet has the resources she needs to win and flip Supreme Court of the most important swing state to a progressive majority?

First Biden veto expected after two Senate Democrats join the GOP to sacrifice pension rule to corporate greed
President Biden is expected to issue his first veto after two Democrats — Sens. Joe Manchin and Jon Tester — partnered with the GOP to pass legislation that would block his administration’s rule allowing retirement plan managers to consider climate and other factors in investment decisions and not simply focus on maximizing profits.

“Havana syndrome” not caused by foreign adversary, US intel finds
We now have further confirmation from the US intelligence community that the psychogenic “Havana syndrome” that thousands of intelligence officials claimed to have suffered from was not caused by any kind of foreign technology, which raises serious questions why the agency promoted this hoax with such vigor and why the media so credulously bought into it.

Michigan AG says she was among those targeted in threat to kill Jewish members of state government
Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel says she was among Jewish members of the state government targeted by Jack Eugene Carpenter III, who threatetened on Twitter to “carry out the punishment of death to anyone that is jewish in the Michigan govt … Because I can Legally do that, right?” Uh, no, Jack. You definitely cannot do that.

White House calls senior Republican “despicable” for wishing Biden’s dead son had been prosecuted
Rep. James Comer showed all the callous cruelty and conspiratorial delusion that has come to define conservative politics when he used a congressional hearing to lament that he would never get to prosecute President Biden’s son, Beau, who died of a brain tumor — and earned a well-deserved rebuke from the White House. These people have no heart.


Tales of the only Nobel Laureate to ever win Olympic gold for backstroke in 3 non-consecutive decades

FLASHPOINT: Rising fascism in Israel



Required Reading for the Resistance. Actions that make a difference.

Today’s Action: Tell the Atlanta City Council to stop the development of Cop City! 

A massive police training center set to be built in Atlanta is threatening 381 acres of publicly owned forest. Brave environmental protesters have been setting up camp with tents in the trees for months, risking arrest and prosecution in defense of green space and common sense. One protester, 26-year-old Tortuguita, was already shot 13 times by police on Jan. 18, in what other activists are calling a state-sanctioned murder. There is zero reason that a privately owned, corporate-funded tactical police training ground is important enough to bulldoze publicly owned forest land… let alone kill people over. Oh, did we mention the price of the project? Nearly $90 million. 

With widespread calls for decreased police funding and increased climate action, the proposal to raze forest land for such a facility is grossly out of touch. There are plenty of initiatives that officials in Atlanta could be working on for the betterment of their residents — but instead, constituents’ voices have been ignored in favor of even more deference to law enforcement. Ongoing protests from residents in the area have made it clear that this is NOT what the community wants. One recent survey showed 98% of residents OPPOSE the building of Cop City. How long will it take until Atlanta council members wake up and listen to the actual people they were elected to serve?

Call the Atlanta City Council office at 404-330-6030 or email an Atlanta City Council member and demand they revoke the Cop City permit! 

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