Expel and arrest the Congresswoman who tweeted Pelosi’s location during Trump’s coup attempt

Target: US House of Representatives and the Department of Justice

Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO-3) is in the Trump fanclub and a (former, she claims) QAnon conspiracy theorist, who has made her reputation on insisting she’ll carry a gun to Congress.

She’s also an insurrectionist. After speaking and tweeting her support for Trump’s coup, Boebert tweeted updates on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s location changes to the armed MAGA terrorists swarming the Capitol building.

Sign here to demand Rep. Lauren Boebert is expelled from Congress and arrested for intentionally endangering House Speaker Pelosi’s life during Trump’s coup.

Heavily armed extremists were found carrying zip ties, a common tool to replace handcuffs in kidnappings. Pipe bombs outside the headquarters of both the DNC and RNC. One man was arrested with 11 molotov cocktails in his truck. Five people died.

Revealing the location of the Speaker of the House on the internet was a potentially deadly security breach by Boebert, and the same clear violation of the law-breaking that Trump is about to be impeached for.

Add your name to demand Rep. Lauren Boebert is held accountable to the law for sharing Pelosi’s location with insurrectionists during the coup.