Arrest Donald Trump.

Target: U.S. Department of Justice

Disgraced ex-President Trump has left the White House! Don crept out early and is now holed up in his Mar-A-Lago club…

…which is where prosecutors can find him, to arrest and charge him for his multitude of crimes. While President, Trump enjoyed immunity. But he had more than a dozen investigations running against him before he spearheaded a violent attempted coup that endangered the lives of US Members of Congress and killed five…and his immunity is up.

Add your name to demand Donald Trump is arrested for his portfolio of crimes.

Special Counsel Mueller literally spelled out the case for Trump’s obstruction of justice during his first impeachment hearings, a gross refusal to obey the law in an investigation inspecting whether Trump broke the law elsewhere. And just as Trump’s first impeachment trial was ending, his denial and negligence of COVID-19 allowed the rapid spread that has now killed over 400,000 Americans.

But even before he took office, Trump appears to have engaged in massive banking, insurance, and tax fraud…and now that he’s not covered by immunity, investigators in New York State are coming for him.

Book him.

Sign here to tell federal and state law enforcement to arrest Trump for obstruction of justice, murder, sedition, and fraud.