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Top Stories for February 8:

Republican hecklers at the State of the Union played right into Biden’s hands

Republicans’ obnoxious jeers and childish cries of “liar” were met with snarky wit and feisty showmanship from Biden, who used their rudeness to tarnish the GOP’s image and expose their deeply unpopular plans to slash Social Security benefits.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to bring back the Enhanced Child Tax Credit!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republicans lose it as Democrats score surprise win

The GOP is fixated on smearing Democrats for cheap political points and fundamentally uninterested in doing things that might materially improve the lives of average Americans, so of course they’re less than thrilled by President Biden’s latest stellar jobs report.

Take Action: Allow student loans to be discharged through bankruptcy!

Democrats score major unexpected win

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

President Biden crushes it with ambitious, historic State of the Union address
Despite numerous Republicans acting like unruly children throughout, Joe Biden managed to deliver a bold and refreshingly progressive vision for the future of America by hammering a pro-middle class, anti-oligarch message of raising taxes on the rich, stringently defending Social Security and Medicaid, and addressing our broken policing system.

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Mitt Romney admonishes “sick puppy” George Santos at State of the Union
The one-time presidential hopeful and senator from Utah chastised the serial liar on the House floor, where the two men were caught on camera having a tense exchange. Santos, the first man to break the sound barrier in a flight simulator and reigning hot dog eating champion of the world, later angrily tweeted at Romney only to chicken out and delete it shortly after.

Take Action: Demand an end to noncompete clauses that steal wages from workers!

Former Memphis officer texted photo of beaten Tyre Nichols, state records show

For one of the fired cops charged in the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols, literally beating his victim to death apparently wasn’t enough. State records show ex-officer Demetrius Haley took two pictures on his personal cell phone of the “obviously injured” Nichols after he had been handcuffed and texted them to multiple people, like some sort of sick, big game trophy.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban assault weapons!

Sarah Huckabee delivers charmless, lie-riddled response to Biden’s State of the Union
After listening to the president explain in great detail how Democrats have acted — and will continue to act — to fundamentally improve the nation, Arkansas Gov. and ex-Trump press secretary Huckabee Sanders served up a rambling, conspiratorial, lie-riddled mess of a speech that consisted primarily of whining about “wokism.” While this kind of stuff assuredly plays well in far-right echo chambers and cesspit crypto-fascist internet forums, the Republican Party’s face-first dive into a world of paranoid fantasy offers nothing of value to the rest of America.

Republicans are coming for ALL our rights

Free & Fair Democracy PAC: Abortion rights. Gay marriage. Contraception. Our votes. Even the books our children read in school are under attack by GOP extremists. The Free and Fair Democracy PAC is working overtime to take back the House and elect Democrats who will protect our rights from Trump and his radical cronies. Can you chip in to support their critical mission?

Activist killed at “Cop City” site was shot 13 times by police, private autopsy shows
Atlanta cops shot environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran at least 13 times, a private autopsy confirmed. Police claim that Teran, who was known as “Tortuguita,” fired first at swarming officers on the scene. The horrific incident was reportedly not recorded on body cameras. How convenient.

Texas challenges Biden rule that pharmacies can’t refuse to sell abortion pills or Plan B
The Republican war on reproductive rights has escalated once again as extremists in the Lone Star State filed a federal lawsuit challenging guidance issued by the Biden administration asserting that federal law does not allow pharmacies to turn away people who have a prescription for a drug that may end a pregnancy.

BP scales back climate targets amid record profits
Thanks to record profits, the oil giant has somehow decided to lets its green-washed mask slip by announcing they would be aiming to cut emissions by only 20-30% instead of 40-50%. Greed is all that hums beneath the hoods of these companies, and they quite literally do not care if they destroy the planet as long as they get to squeeze a few extra bucks out of consumers before the end comes. It must fall to the government to enforce stricter emission targets by any means necessary.


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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to raise the debt ceiling!

The virulently anti-Biden GOP seems dead set on fighting against literally any legislative progress whatsoever, and apparently, they’re willing to tank the US economy in the process. Republicans are once again refusing to raise the debt ceiling — a move they never mind making when they control the White House, it should be noted. Their latest demands include extreme cuts to crucial social programs, and the standoff could wreak havoc on both the American and larger global economies. The longer House Republicans stall, the more damage they will exact on the faith and credit of the US government.

During a recent speech at the White House, President Biden rightfully pointed out that approximately a quarter of all US debt amassed over the past two centuries accrued during Trump’s single term in office. In just four years, Republicans willfully exploded our national debt, lifting the debt ceiling three separate times in the process. But now, with their razor-thin House majority running in full obstruction mode against President Biden, they’ve suddenly rediscovered their zeal and affinity for fiscal responsibility. Just another example of the sheer selfishness of today’s GOP, putting party politics above the American people once again.

House Republicans have a duty to their constituents to protect the US economy from collapsing instead of throwing millions of jobs down the drain. We need our elected officials investing in the American people, not playing political games at our expense. Call (202-224-3121) or write your representatives and demand they raise the debt ceiling immediately!

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