Tell President Biden to condemn the acquittal of Rittenhouse!

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted after crossing state lines to murder Black Lives Matter protestors. All evidence points to a biased judge who helped exonerate him, as well as a broken system that’s tilted in the favor of white men. 

President Biden said he stands by the decision of the jury, but the decision of the jury was manipulated by a botched trial (and Biden said himself he did not watch the trial.) Anything other than him condemning the Rittenhouse decision would be directly in conflict with his previous statements equating Rittenhouse to white supremacy.

We need to know where President Biden truly stands when it comes to protecting the lives of protestors.

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The not guilty verdict sets a dangerous precedent for protests in the future. It tells conservative white men that it doesn’t take much effort at all to exonerate them from murder charges, especially if they can get into a corrupt courtroom and spin it as self defense.

Protests were already dangerous enough because of violent members of the police and white supremacists’ counter protests. Now, the Rittenhouse decision threatens to make it even more treacherous to fight for progressive change within our communities. 

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