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Top Stories for March 28:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mother hijacks Fox News feed after Nashville massacre

The right-wing “news” network regularly pushes gun fetishist propaganda, but their viewers were given a rare dose of raw truth about gun violence when an outraged woman stepped in front of their cameras and unleashed a blockbuster speech in the wake of the horrifying mass shooting at a private Christian school in Tennessee.

Take Action: Tell prosecutors to charge parents who give kids unsupervised access to guns BEFORE they hurt someone!

Biden renews push to ban assault weapons in wake of Nashville shooting
Six people are dead — including three children — after yet another shooter opened fire with assault-style rifles inside an elementary school in Nashville. Republicans are already working to spin up narratives to distract from the obvious and undeniable role that guns play in these tragedies, but President Biden is looking the problem right in the face. He is once again calling for a ban on assault weapons, one thing we KNOW would save lives — and one thing gun-obsessed Republicans will fight tooth and nail to oppose.

Take Action: Restore the banking rules that Trump got rid of!

Trump’s last-ditch effort to avoid prosecution BLOWS UP in his face

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This did not turn out well for Trump…

Former National Enquirer publisher testifies before Trump grand jury
Last week, many predicted that Donald Trump would be arrested for his illicit hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. When the indictment failed to materialize, MAGA fans rejoiced, thinking their Dear Leader was out of the woods. Now, it appears that prosecutors were simply biding their time so they could present more evidence to the grand jury. On Monday, the former publisher of the National Enquirer gossip rag that almost purchased Daniels’ story appeared before the jury to share what he knows about the sordid affair.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act and protect workers’ rights!

Supreme Court won’t review bullshit contempt conviction of environmental lawyer in Chevron case
The Supreme Court lent serious support to the notion that it’s a fundamentally illegitimate institution after deciding to leave in place the conviction of attorney Steven Donziger — a long-time foe of Chevron Corp. — who sought to challenge the appointment of private attorneys to prosecute his alleged criminal contempt of court. The prosecution of Donziger is obviously a corporate hit job. He’s “guilty” first and foremost of representing farmers and indigenous people hurt by oil companies, and those companies are trying to make an example of him. The fact that they’re able to so easily exploit our judicial system to achieve those ends just demonstrates how deeply embedded the corrupt roots of big money are in our judicial system.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to free Native activist Leonard Peltier!

“I live near the East Palestine chemical spill. Officials who say we’re safe are lying”

A firsthand account from someone directly affected by the toxic train derailment in Ohio has shredded the narrative that things are perfectly fine in East Palestine. Greg Mascher describes experiencing headaches and coughing fits, while his granddaughters have suffered red skin splotches and burning eyes. He’s also lost weight from the stress, and his family is now split apart. Like so many environmental disasters, we won’t know the full impact for decades, but action must be taken immediately to ensure that victims in East Palestine and beyond are taken care of now — and in the future — and that preventable catastrophes caused by negligent corporations never happen again.

Take Action: Pledge to boycott Fox News!

Netanyahu temporarily suspends judicial overhaul after mass protests across Israel
Israel’s radical-right prime minister attempted a naked power grab that some predicted would result in an outright dictatorship or possibly civil war, but Israelis took to the streets en masse to protest the brazen overreach. Netanyahu has now blinked in the face of unprecedented backlash and halted his heinous assault on his country’s democracy — for one month. In exchange, the openly racist National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir says he will be allowed to form his own private armed militia — a “National Guard” — that would exist outside the authority of the police and would be staffed entirely with violent extremists. What could possibly go wrong?

Top Fed official: Silicon Valley Bank mismanagement led to failure
Shocker! Once again, an American financial institution has failed because the people grossly overpaid to run it screwed up. The same reckless ethos and rank incompetence that caused the 2008 crash is still blithely steering this country’s economy, and, unless serious structural changes are made, we are destined — if not now, then not too far down the road — for another cataclysmic disaster.

American mega-landlord Blackstone Group is gobbling up affordable housing in San Diego, hiking rent prices
A damning new report reveals that Blackstone Group purchased thousands of affordable housing units in San Diego County in 2021 and almost immediately began jacking up rental prices. As renters moved out, the company raised rents in some units as much as 64% in just two years. Left unchecked, this predatory and frankly evil behavior will exacerbate America’s already horrendous housing crisis to the breaking point. Housing is a human right, folks. It’s time we started treating it as such.

Fox News producer who sued network over her Dominion testimony says she was fired, calls ex-coworkers “activists, not journalists”
So…you’re telling us that the blowhard teleprompter readers who regularly melt down over books with big words in them, Black history, the gender of M&Ms, Hunter Biden’s genitals, and Starbucks’ “War on Christmas” aren’t serious reporters?

Florida school removes “Ruby Bridges” movie from classes after parent complaint
The Republican Party’s war on the very concept of history itself is amping up even further in Florida as Ron DeSantis’ decision to empower parents to gut school curriculums spirals out of control. One parent in particular had an issue with her child watching a Disney movie about Ruby Bridges, the brave little Black girl who integrated American schools in the 1960s, so now none of the children at her school can watch it. Sounds about white.


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Today’s Action: Call voters for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election NEXT WEEK!

We are exactly one week out from the crucial state Supreme Court election in Wisconsin where abortion rights are taking center stage once again. Progressive voters have a chance to flip control of the state Supreme Court and help restore equitable access to reproductive healthcare. Securing Democratic seats on the state’s high court could spell the end of the current, near-total abortion ban that’s been on the books since 1849. And since Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin is some of the most egregious in the country, this may be our best chance at restoring reproductive rights for marginalized people currently being denied equitable access to care.

While progressives have managed to deliver a string of recent statewide abortion-rights victories in the wake of last summer’s disastrous SCOTUS ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, we must be steadfast in our pursuit to restore and preserve access to abortion care to the millions of folks living in Republican-dominated red states. The battle for reproductive healthcare is raging, and we must stand ready to fight.

Sign up to call voters for Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election! You don’t have to be in Wisconsin to join the fight, just be ready to put in the work to help get Wisconsinites to the polls!

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