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Biden to mark Jan. 6 anniversary, tackle ongoing threat of Trump’s Big Lie

Top Stories for January 6:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lauren Boebert torched live on air by fed-up anchor

MSNBC’s Stephanie Rhule challenged Boebert over her shenanigans on the House floor with the rest of the radical, far-right Republicans — and her excuses did not hold water.

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McCarthy fails on 11th ballot amid hopes for tentative deal with far-right holdouts
The humiliation of Kevin McCarthy is officially in the history books as the rebellious GOP extremists have refused to budge an inch, despite McCarthy conceding to pretty much everything they’ve demanded. The circus continues anew today, but the likelihood of reaching any kind of deal seems slim, considering getting rid of McCarthy himself is the goal of the feral Republicans.

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Will Trump be indicted in 2023?

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Partner of officer who died after Jan. 6 files wrongful death lawsuit against Trump, others
Sandra Granza, the mourning girlfriend of Officer Brian Sicknick, is suing the man responsible for the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol — Donald Trump. She’s also suing the two men who attacked her partner with pepper spray, Julian Khater and George Tanios. Sicknick died on Jan. 7 after suffering not one but two strokes — and it’s not hard to figure out that the trauma he endured on that terrible day had something to do with it. Hopefully, Granza will get justice for Officer Sicknick and all the other Capitol police who suffered at the hands of Trump’s rabid mob.

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South Carolina Supreme Court overturns state’s 6-week abortion ban as unconstitutional
In a twist nobody saw coming, the South Carolina Supreme Court restored the right to an abortion in the deep-red state, arguing that the legislature’s draconian anti-abortion ban violated the constitutional right to privacy. Coincidentally, since SCOTUS left such matters to the states last summer, there isn’t much the high court’s conservative justices can say or do unless they want to play judicial Calvinball and tear up their own arguments for overturning Roe v. Wade in the first place.

George W. Bush’s ex-political director Matt Schlapp accused of groping male Herschel Walker staffer

Longtime GOP activist, current American Conservative Union president, and man whose name sounds like pork chops hitting the kitchen floor Matt Schlapp has been accused of groping the crotch of a male staffer after plying him with drinks. Typical GOP groomer behavior. Schlapp even had the nerve to call his victim the following morning to confirm he would still drive Schlapp to an event that day. “From the bar to the Hilton Garden Inn, he has his hands on me. And I feel so f*cking dirty. I feel so f*cking dirty. I’m supposed to pick this motherf*cker up in the morning and just pretend like nothing happened. This is what I’m dealing with!” recorded the staffer after the incident.

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Oklahoma seeks to criminalize gender-affirming care up to age 26
Republican extremists don’t just want to strip life-affirming healthcare away from trans Americans — now they’re trying to make it a FELONY for trans people to become their true selves and finally find comfort in their own bodies. Don’t tread on me, right?! Right?!

FTC moves to ban noncompete contracts
While House Republicans are busy squabbling amongst themselves for power, the Biden administration is quietly working to empower American workers and rein in corporate power. The FTC is expected to release new rules banning the use of noncompete clauses in contracts, which large companies use to prevent their workers from seeking better-paying jobs with other firms. This ban is expected to put over $300 billion a year in the pockets of American employees, showing just how profitable these authoritarian contract clauses can be. It is beyond absurd that any company can dictate where their employees can work, and it’s gratifying to see the Biden team taking action to empower American workers like this.

Sen. Bob Casey announces cancer diagnosis
The Pennsylvania Democrat announced Thursday that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month. Fortunately, Casey says he has an “excellent prognosis” and is expected to make a full recovery following surgery. We wish him all the best in his recovery!

Debbie Stabenow to leave Senate next year, setting off battleground-state jostling
Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow has announced her retirement, creating yet another opportunity for a GOP pickup in a 2024 Senate map that already was going to be an uphill battle for Democrats. Stabenow’s departure also opens up a leadership position in the Senate’s Democratic caucus, where she currently holds the No. 3 position.

Walgreens executive says “maybe we cried too much last year” about theft
After a year of bitching and moaning about losses from petty theft that were obsessively covered by a corporate media intent on promoting a “crime wave” narrative to tank Democrats in last year’s midterm elections, the company is now admitting that actually the problem isn’t that big of a deal. You know what didn’t get wall-to-wall Fox News coverage? Walgreens’ 2020 settlement for $4.5 million in a class-action wage-theft lawsuit. Who are the real criminals? The folks swiping diapers and candy bars or the greedy slimeballs that literally stole millions of dollars from their workers’ paychecks?


Never quiet on the global front

DEEP DIVE: Cartel crisis in Mexico



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Today’s Action: Join a January 6 “Our Freedom, Our Vote” rally!

It’s been two years since a mob of angry, violent rioters — incited by their shameless, degenerate leader, Donald Trump — stormed the US Capitol, wounding hundreds of police officers, destroying millions of dollars of federal property, and delaying certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory in a failed attempt to overthrow the American government. We simply cannot forget the unconscionable, seditious harm Trump and his horde of deranged followers exacted upon the American people. Especially not when the very same political faction responsible for staining American democracy that fateful day is still actively trying to undermine our fundamental freedoms and sabotage our right to free and fair elections.

January 6 was a deadly, existential attack against the very foundation of our democracy. As traumatic as that day was, we must not allow it to scare us into complacency. Instead, let us be emboldened and spurred into action by the ongoing threat to our sacred system of self-governance. Democracy promises a better life for all of us — if we can come together to protect it.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed or defeated by right-wing hacks and their debased playbook when we can band together with fellow progressives and take meaningful action. Please consider attending one of the many January 6 Our Freedom, Our Vote rallies scheduled today! Whether you have time this afternoon (specifically, 12-2pm EST) or this evening (how does 7-8pm EST sound?), you can filter through all the day’s events here. There’s plenty going on today — please don’t miss out!

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