Tell President Biden: Cancel $50,000 in student debt!

Target: President Biden

The $1.7 trillion student debt crisis is killing the American Dream for a generation of Americans. But there is a simple fix:

Cancel the debt.

The president has the power to do this and he must. Add your name to demand President Biden cancel the first $50,000 in federally backed student debt!

Detractors say there’s no need to forgive debts of the highest paid, best educated Americans, they have their facts wrong. For example, only 3% of Harvard students take out any debt while 84% of state college students do. Furthermore, 40% of student borrowers do not graduate, leaving them with without the earning power to pay off their loans.

Not only would this free up millions to pursue their dreams, it would dramatically improve racial equity. On average, Black college graduates owe $25,000 more than White graduates, with half of Black borrowers and a third of Latinos to default on their loans within 20 years.

But the truth is, everybody would win. Forgiving student loan debt and freeing up millennials to spend their hard-earned money is simply the best economic stimulus available.

Add your name to tell President Biden to cancel $50,000 in student debt!