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Top Stories for December 24:

New transcripts reveal Cassidy Hutchinson’s harrowing escape from Trump’s grip

Cassidy Hutchinson secretly back-channeled with the January 6 committee before dumping her Trump-aligned lawyer who had been coaching her to lie during depositions.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Special counsel looms over Trump with bombshell update

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner joins Brian Tyler Cohen to discuss the January 6 Committee’s criminal prosecution referral to the DOJ and new special counsel, how much weight a criminal referral holds, and what surprised him about the final committee hearing.

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Happy Holidays from Major Richard Ojeda USA (Ret.) & No Dem Left Behind!

No Dem Left Behind: “Donald Trump is Going to Jail” could be the next holiday hit produced by American Justice System Records!

Winter storms wreak havoc on much of US, leaving multiple dead and many without power
Millions of Americans have been affected as a major winter storm brings dangerously cold temperatures, blizzard conditions and even flooding to multiple regions of the country. Four states have reported at least 11 storm-related deaths.

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DeSantis reappoints voter-rejected judge who denied teenager an abortion for low grades
Voters ousted Judge Smith in August after trying to force a teenager to have a baby, but he’s back on Florida’s bench because Governor DeSantis neither respects the will of the people nor cares about fundamental rights for women in his state.

Take Action: Stop Ron DeSantis’ absurd plan to fill schools with unqualified teachers!

Marjorie Taylor Greene ditches historic week in DC for beach holiday

The MAGA congresswoman did her best Ted Cruz impression and skipped a huge vote, President Zelenskyy’s landmark address, and a blizzard to soak up the Costa Rican sun, proving simultaneously how apathetic and utterly inconsequential she really is.

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House approves $1.7 trillion omnibus appropriations bill, investing in key domestic priorities
Republicans got an increase in military spending, and Democrats secured a nearly 10% increase in investments in the American people — plus reforms to the Electoral Count Act that explicitly shoot down Trumpers’ bullshit justification for trying to reverse the 2020 presidential election.

Trump caught scamming his OWN supporters

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Kari Lake fails to provide a shred of evidence in two-day election-challenge trial
In an incredibly predictable turn of events, Republican gubernatorial loser Kari Lake failed to produce any evidence in her frivolous lawsuit challenging the results of the 2022 election.

Feds flip disgraced crypto-king Sam Bankman-Fried’s business partner and ex-lover
Caroline Ellison was CEO of Bankman-Fried’s biggest hedge fund for a time, so her guilty plea and admission to the judge that she and SBF lied about billions in loans seems like it’s a pretty big deal.

Elon Musk orders Twitter to remove suicide prevention feature
The billionaire tech bozo removed a feature that promoted suicide prevention hotlines and other resources to users exhibiting dangerous behavior in the latest of a lengthy series of moves seemingly designed to prove that he is not only an untalented narcissistic hack but also a deeply sick fuck.

McConnell blames Trump for epic GOP collapse in bombshell interview
6 years of constitution shredding by Trump and not a peep from McConnell, but losing the 2022 midterms in historic fashion has crossed a red line for the Senate Minority Leader, who finally grew enough of a spine to declare “…the former president’s political clout has diminished.” This is what passes for political courage in the cult of Trump’s Republican Party.


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