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Interested in staying the night? There’s a pretty sweet studio apartment just below the top shelf!

Amazing studio in the Highlands, minutes from NuLu


This stunning studio in a brand new modern house overlooks Louisville’s downtown skyline and sits within a mile of NuLu, Paristown Point, and the heart of the Highlands. This hidden gem might be the most convenient spot in the city. 

The “basement” studio gets ample natural light and includes:

        • — it’s own private entrance
        • — full bath
        • — kitchenette with dining table
        • — wifi (fast!)
        • — 50” smart TV
        • — work area
        • — large comfy couch
        • — full gym

    It’s a pretty dope pad, as the kids say.

Let us know who you are and when you’re interested in staying, and we’ll get right back to you.

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Drop the charges against a Nebraska teen who got an abortion!


Target: Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

In a terrifying glimpse of the future awaiting women in red states, a 17-year-old and her mother in Nebraska are being charged for inducing an abortion and burying the fetal remains.

After someone tipped off the police, Celeste Burgess told them that she’d had a miscarriage — but the police then subpoenaed her Facebook messages. Meta handed the chats over without objection, revealing that her mother Jessica helped obtain the abortion pills. The pair are now facing felony charges, and the daughter is being charged as an adult.

Tell Nebraska to leave Celeste alone!

Our worst fears are coming true. The police state is teaming up with the tech surveillance apparatus to persecute pregnant people for making deeply personal decisions about their own bodies and lives, and we can’t allow this to become the first precedent for the legal battles sure to follow.

Big tech, the police, and old white male Republican legislators have no business interfering in women’s choices. Sign your name to demand the state of Nebraska stop prosecuting this child immediately!

Demand Nebraska stop prosecuting a teen girl for having an abortion!

Endorse Mandela Barnes to unseat Ron Johnson!


Mandela Barnes has been declared the winner in Wisconsin’s Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Now, he’ll face Republican Ron Johnson in just three months.

Will you add your endorsement and show Mandela he has your support?

Tell the Senate to pass Biden’s historic climate and healthcare bill ASAP!


Target: United States Senate

The good news just keeps rolling in! Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has finally given her blessing to President Biden’s historic reconciliation bill, paving the way for its quick passage — that could come as soon as Sunday!

Dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the bill contains the largest climate investment in US history — $369 billion! — and staves off what would be a disastrous health insurance premium hike with the expiration of COVID-era ACA subsidies.

Tell the Senate to pass the Inflation Reduction Act ASAP!

The IRA bill is projected to reduce American emissions by 1 billion carbon tons, bring in $729 billion in new revenue, lowers prescription drug prices and extends Affordable Care Act subsidies through 2024 — all without raising taxes on working Americans. Instead, it would impose a tax on stock buybacks on big corporations!

This bill is a win-win for President Biden and the Democrats, giving us the momentum we need ahead of the crucial midterm elections and delivering real, tangible results for the American people AND our planet. We need to make sure this gets passed as soon as possible.

Tell the Senate to pass Biden’s historic climate and healthcare bill ASAP!



Odessa Kelly loves this city and is running for Congress to give a voice to so many in Nashville, and across the country, who have been neglected by the status quo. This campaign isn’t taking a dime from corporate PACs, lobbyists, or big oil — she’s running to be a voice for you.

The only way she can compete is with YOU on their side. That’s why we are respectfully asking for your personal endorsement today. Please add your name.

Endorse Chris Jones in his campaign to defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!


Chris Jones is a pastor, Morehouse and MIT graduate, and Girl Dad running against Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be the next governor of Arkansas. He needs to build a massive movement to flip the state blue and provide public school, broadband, and job opportunities for Arkansans. Please add your name to say you endorse his campaign.

Thank Democrats for passing the Inflation Reduction Act!


Target: President Biden and Democrats in Congress

The President recently signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law in what some are calling the most ambitious piece of federal climate legislation in U.S. history.

Sign to say you support Congressional Democrats and their efforts to pass this landmark bill to secure a cleaner and safer climate future!