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atAdvocacy is launching an app! We want this platform to work for our creators, so we need to hear from you! Please provide your honest feedback and suggestions about our planned features and functionalities.

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Visibility — How it Works/FAQ

Visibility — How it Works / FAQ

“atAdvocacy has been instrumental in producing viral content that advances our mission in diverse, creative and entertaining ways while being on message and grounded in facts. It’s really refreshing to see social media flooded with accurate, positive information that motivates people to act on climate.”
– Hannah Blatt, Communications for EDF Action

atAdvocacy works with clients to develop visibility campaigns promoting progressive candidates, organizations, and causes on social media. With an influencer network reaching an organically curated audience of more than 50 million highly-engaged, action-ready progressives, atAdvocacy is uniquely positioned to reach a large but targeted audience, with the most effective creative content, delivered by trusted authorities on progressive values.

The atAdvocacy methodology has been tested and refined to immediately yield high virtual engagement that leads to measurable growth for the long term. Whether an organization is small or a household name, atAdvocacy has proven strategies and influencer partners to meet the need.

How it works:

1. atAdvocacy works with clients to identify key objectives and designs a social media visibility strategy that will be implemented by the most effective messengers in atAdvocacy’s influencer network to meet goals and budget.

2. atAdvocacy fully organizes and manages the visibility campaign, including:

— Messaging and creative framework consulting
— Building influencer team
— Content workshopping with each creator
— Campaign preparation management
— Launch day communications

3. atAdvocacy reports campaign results to client.


How can we be sure we get what we pay for?

While traditional influencer marketing firms charge for the most superficial metrics (such as impressions or potential reach), atAdvocacy measures success through actual high-quality engagements — likes, comments, shares, retweets, bookmarks — that demonstrate meaningful connections to the message.

We are confident in our methodology, which is why atAdvocacy guarantees at least two engagements generated by influencers within our network per dollar invested.

Who are atAdvocacy’s clients?

atAdvocacy works with campaigns and nonprofits working to make the world a better place by furthering progressive values and strengthening the Democratic Party. Within that frame, clients range from Charles Booker to the Environmental Defense Fund.

How does atAdvocacy work with the organization?

atAdvocacy works with the organization to come up with a timeline, budget, and messaging framework that will further the identified objective and resonate with a progressive online audience. atAdvocacy then mobilizes the agreed upon strategies by engaging its vast network of progressive creators, paying them a fair, living wage to create and share user-generated content with their audiences. atAdvocacy manages the campaign from start to finish. After the conclusion of the campaign, atAdvocacy will provide reporting on results. It’s that simple.

What if we want to incorporate a call-to-action link?

atAdvocacy welcomes call-to-action links, including sign ups or fundraising links as secondary visibility goals. Many campaigns have included calls to action and have performed very well!

What if our organization does not have a communications or digital team?

atAdvocacy works with clients of all different sizes and scopes! Our team works directly on the design and implementation of visibility campaigns, effectively at as the campaign’s in-house team when desired. Plus, user-generated content can be an asset to teams with smaller communication and digital programs that allows them to scale quickly.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

Correct! Those are the words a recent client used before seeing the results. Using our methodology, we consistently deliver tens of thousands of engagements in a single day — not just social media likes but meaningful interactions from real world activists who then help an organization meet its goals.

Seeking Newsletter Creator — Remote


@advocacy is a progressive influencer advocacy studio that works with causes and progressive social media influencers to build community and affect change.

@advocacy is launching an original, progressive newsletter made by and for a young, diverse, progressive audience. We are looking for a writer to partner with our team to curate this email newsletter. The newsletter will be lighthearted in tone, but won’t pull punches on content – providing consistent news updates and actions, flavored with levity, social media content, GIFs, and memes. The author of this newsletter, in collaboration with the @advocacy team, will curate a compelling voice that speaks to a diverse audience of Gen Z and young Millennials. 

We are looking for someone who: 

      • Is passionate about progressive politics
      • Has demonstrated excellent writing skills and wit
      • Has experience producing on-time deliverables
      • Can provide a consistent take about what is going on in the world from a progressive lens
      • Is active on and/or follows political content on TikTok and/or Instagram
      • Welcomes and implements feedback
      • Communicates with teammates proactively

Job duties: 

      • Stay informed about trending news stories
      • Draft newsletter content (3x a week with potential to scale) incorporating visual components (short videos, memes, etc.). 
      • Work collaboratively with @advocacy editors 

Nuts and bolts:

      • 6-12 hours a week 
      • Part time contractor position 
      • Starts at $25-$40 an hour based on experience and quality of work

No minimum level of formal education is required.

@advocacy believes that diversity of identities, experiences, and voices makes all organizations stronger. We strongly encourage people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, LGBTQ+ people, and individuals from other marginalized communities to apply. 

Applicants should submit a resume and writing sample to ​​ Cover letter optional. 

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Thank Sara!


When OD Action began sending a daily email in mid-2017, we were in crisis. The United States government was under the complete control of neo-fascists who, despite having the support of only a minority of Americans, trampled rights, sabotaged institutions, and enriched the corrupt and powerful at the expense of everyone else.

On Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey famously vented her dread by shouting at a sheet cake and, while we enjoyed the bit, at OD Action, we felt there had to be a more productive use of our energy.

Enter Sara. As ODA’s Director of Action, Sara not only gave our newsletter a voice, she gave hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans a productive outlet for our anger, sorrow, and frustration — and she did it every single weekday for almost four years.

As Sara moves on to new ventures, add your name to say thank you and send a brief message of appreciation for a job very well done.

For many of us, the years between Presidents Obama and Biden — especially those two where Democrats were in the minority — felt as hopeless as trying to hold back a tsunami with a dish sponge. Sara gave us ways to focus our energies as a group and feel like we could make a difference. Often, she made us laugh too!

We didn’t win every fight, but we always showed up. Along the way, we saved Obamacare, made Republicans the first party to lose both chambers of Congress and the White House in back-to-back elections in nearly a century, and won countless crucial battles.

Can one person make a difference? Absolutely. You did. Each of us did. And Sara is one of the organizers who led the way.

Please add your name to thank Sara, wish her luck, and send a message that we appreciate her excellent work at OD Action the last four years!

How it Works/FAQ

Community Growth — How it Works / FAQ

“atAdvocacy got us quality names at a great rate that performed. Since they were opt in names we got a minimal complaint rate with one of the highest immediate ROIs we’ve seen from an acquisition source.”
— Brandt McCool, CTO New Blue Interactive

Working with an influencer network boasting a combined audience of more than 50 million highly engaged, motivated, action-ready progressives, atAdvocacy strategically promotes actions to grow an organization’s community with thousands of new, high-quality opt-in email signups. Utilizing this network alongside our 300,000-subscriber in-house newsletter allows atAdvocacy to reach both “the usual suspects” of list growth and bring new activists into the fold, who would otherwise remain out of reach.

The strategy has been tested and refined over years to yield high immediate engagement and community growth for the longterm.

Whether an organization is small and just beginning its national list or a household name looking to grow to the next level, atAdvocacy has the proven approach and network to meet the need.

How it works:

    1. atAdvocacy engages its vast network of progressive activists with petitions/actions designed to resonate with individuals who share a client’s core mission and values.
    2. atAdvocacy amplifies each campaign via its influencer network and their social footprint across Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
    3. atAdvocacy is delivering thousands of new signups per campaign — with name, email, and zip code (other info upon request) — within days or weeks depending on scope.


How can we be sure we get what we pay for?

You only pay for the new email signups you get, all of which will be tested for validity and uniqueness to your list. The proof is in the results. Many clients return month after month.

What if atAdvocacy gets more responses than anticipated but the client doesn’t have the budget to pay for such a massive response?

Great problem to have! atAdvocacy can work within your campaign’s budget and deliver an agreed upon number of new contacts or go for as many conversions as possible.

Is there a minimum spend?

Yes. Clients must commit to at least 2,000 signups.

Does atAdvocacy sell/share my signups with third parties?

No. Signups generated by atAdvocacy are only available to the client organization and atAdvocacy. atAdvocacy will NEVER sell, barter, trade or give access to emails generated.

Is there a cap on deliverable emails?

atAdvocacy’s capacity to capture high-quality emails currently delivering thousands of signups per month per organization. If you’re looking to grow faster, just let us know and be assured, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity. We succeed when our clients meet their goals. Period.

How are you able to grow lists so quickly?

It took years of fine-tuning, and now our approach can be amplified through partners who have built large networks and can utilize our targeting and strategic engagement practices to drive high-quality conversions.

Who are atAdvocacy’s clients?

atAdvocacy works with campaigns and nonprofits working to make the world a better place by furthering progressive values and strengthening the Democratic Party. Within that frame, clients range from John Fetterman to Beto O’Rourke, the GLSEN to the Environmental Defense Fund.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

Correct!  Those are the words a recent client used before seeing the results. Using our methodology, we consistently deliver thousands of signups in a matter of days or weeks — not just email addresses, but valuable additions to your community who are already committed to your cause and driven by your goals.

How does atAdvocacy work with the organization?

atAdvocacy works with the organization to come up with an action/petition that will resonate with people in its network who are most likely to engage with the organization going forward. atAdvocacy then promotes the petition throughout its vast network of progressives via email and social media, generating thousands of quality signups. After a few days, atAdvocacy will deliver a spreadsheet with the list of new signups to the organization. It’s that simple.

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