Pass a fully funded Civilian Climate Corps!

Target: The United States Congress

One of the key provisions in the $3.5 trillion social investment bill being pushed by progressives is nearly $30 billion to fund a Civilian Climate Corps. Not only would a CCC create living-wage jobs, it would also advance the critical fight against climate change. America would be paying some of our best people to actively tackle the climate crisis — that’s a big deal.

Models already in use at the state level, like California, have shown the success of climate corps programs, with their members providing crucial support in areas like fire mitigation and reforestation. 

Add your name to call on Congress to pass major funding for a Civilian Climate Corps!

From preserving wetlands to installing solar panels in urban areas, the program could expedite our transition to a more sustainable way of living. Even better, it could create over a million jobs over the next five years and combat our current pandemic-powered economic crisis.

Passing a fully funded federal program through the Build Back Better Act is a critical step in the fight against climate change and an absolute no-brainer in the effort to create more living-wage jobs.

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