Demand the Senate censure Marsha Blackburn and remove her from her committees!

Target: The United States Senate

The opening day of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings saw some truly atrocious behavior from a number of Republican senators, but it was Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn who really crossed the line with a vile and reprehensible display of racist and transphobic bigotry.

Blackburn attempted to baselessly smear Judge Jackson as an anti-white radical, accusing her of harboring a “personal hidden agenda to incorporate critical race theory into our legal system” and of pushing for the “progressive indoctrination” of schoolchildren.

Add your name to tell Chuck Schumer to publicly rebuke Sen. Blackburn and kick her off her committees!

To make matters worse, Blackburn went on to misgender and demonize transgender athletes, publicly insulting and demeaning vulnerable children in a shamelessly performative effort to secure her spot in the A block of Tucker Carlson’s nightly clown show. 

Sen. Blackburn clearly had no intention of treating Judge Jackson with the respect her qualifications and record deserved. Instead, she seized the spotlight to air bad-faith, conservative grievances and score cheap political points. 

Blackburn’s performance in a confirmation hearing for a United States Supreme Court justice was downright appalling and wholly unbecoming of her station.

Sign your name to demand the Senate censure Marsha Blackburn and remove her from her committees!