Demand the Senate censure Ted Cruz and remove him from his committees!

Target: United States Senate

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings saw some truly atrocious behavior from a number of Republican senators, including Ted Cruz, who interrogated Judge Jackson with… baby books? Working overtime to dismiss the complexity of systemic racism, Cruz demanded to know whether or not Jackson agreed that babies are racist — which he ridiculously suggested was the sentiment of Ibram X. Kendi’s book, “Antiracist Baby.”

Had Cruz bothered to read the 24-page illustrative children’s book, he might have stumbled across Kendi’s note at the end asserting that, no, babies are not born racist. But racist behavior is learned from our environment, and countering those biases in early development is absolutely critical. Cruz baselessly rampaged through questions about four different children’s books, twisting their meanings and refusing to treat Judge Jackson with the respect her qualifications and record deserved.

Add your name to demand Chuck Schumer censure Ted Cruz and remove him from his Senate committees!

Cruz and company must not be permitted to derail the confirmation of Judge Jackson. She is highly qualified, extremely capable, and deserving of a respectful hearing. 

The racist, sexist smearing of a Black woman soon to be seated on the Supreme Court is taking place in plain sight on a national stage — those perpetuating it are undoubtedly unfit for Congress.

Sign your name to call for Ted Cruz to be censured!