Demand social media CEOs take action NOW to stop the spread of anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry!

Target: Social Media CEOs

A wave of virulent anti-LGBTQ+ fervor is building across America at a ferocious and terrifying pace — and it is going to get people killed.

Just a few months after the right-wing smear campaign against LGBTQ+ people began in earnest, we already have right-wing politicians calling for the execution of the parents of LGBTQ+ kids and white supremacist gangs planning terrorizing attacks against Pride month events.

Tell Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to ban the promoters of anti-LGBTQ+ hatred!

All of this hatred is being fueled by social media companies who turn a blind eye to the horrendous bigotry being promoted on their platforms. Influencers like Ben Shapiro are out there claiming that the very existence of LGBTQ+ people is a threat to children, while the notorious “Libs of Tiktok” account is providing target selection for right-wing terrorism by promoting the locations of LGBTQ+ events, like the Drag Queen Story Hour recently accosted by Proud Boy thugs in California.

All the rainbow emojis and empty posts about the value of diversity from social media companies mean absolutely nothing unless they will take action to stop the spread of anti-LGBTQ hatred on their platforms.

Demand social media CEOs take action to stop the spread of anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry!