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Top Stories for April 29:

Chief Justice Roberts ensnared in corruption scandal

A whistleblower reveals that Jane Roberts, the wife of the Bush-appointed Chief Justice, made over $10 million in commission as a “legal recruiter” for the nation’s top law firms, at least one of which had cases before the high court. This explains why Justice Roberts was so vehement in refusing Senate Democrats’ demand that he testify about corruption in SCOTUS — THREE out of four right-wing justices have been ensnared in flagrant corruption scandals in just a month, and more are sure to follow.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene issues the most horrific comment of her career

The White nationalist congresswoman disgraced herself once again with a disgusting attack on a lesbian stepmother as she bullied her over conspiracies

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We lost Roe. v Wade to Trump’s radical judges — now the abortion pill is in danger too!

Yassamina Ansari for Congress: The only way we can make sure that our reproductive rights are safe forever is by codifying them into law, and we’re going to need a Blue Congress to do it! Can you chip in to help Yassamina Ansari win a key battleground seat and restore our right to an abortion on day 1 of our new majority?

Strict abortion bans fail in GOP-led Nebraska and South Carolina
Efforts to pass bills that would ban abortion by or before the sixth week of pregnancy crashed and burned in two deep-red states Friday. It appears that Republicans may be experiencing dog-chasing-the-car-syndrome; now that they’ve actually caught the car, they’re realizing that they don’t have any kind of plan for the serious political backlash that they’ve provoked with their vicious extremism.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to use ALL emergency powers to protect the abortion pill!

Senate report on Brett Kavanaugh assault claims had “serious omissions”
New reporting reveals that Senate investigators failed to disclose that a witness who supposedly “exonerated” Brett Kavanaugh from accusations of sexual assault was, in fact, a member of the the ultra-right wing Federalist Society and has ties to Leonard Leo, the mastermind behind the Supreme Court’s rightward shift. With the credibility of the Court’s conservatives at an all-time, disgraceful low, one has to wonder: Does he really even like beer?

Take Action: Kick Lauren Boebert off the Oversight Committee!

Trump embraces convicted insurrectionist who demanded Mike Pence be executed

Freshly freed from prison after physically fighting police on 1/6, Micki Larson-Olson took a break from calling for Mike Pence’s execution to get a hug from Donald Trump. Trump moving from literally hugging the flag to literally hugging insurrectionists could not be more on the nose.

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Florida GOP to exempt DeSantis from public records laws as 2024 decision looms
Florida’s Republican legislature has decided that public records transparency laws don’t apply to the governor — but it’s not what you think! It’s not because they’re hiding anything, nooooooo. It’s just that they want him to be a dictator. Cool cool cool.

Republicans’ bombshell election scheme gets exposed

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s about time they got caught.

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South Dakota’s GOP AG covered up child porn discovery in billionaire’s emails
Nude photos of girls between the ages of 8 and 15 were found in billionaire T. Denny Sanford’s personal email in 2019, prompting an investigation that somehow ended in 2022 WITHOUT charges. Newly unsealed court documents reveal that investigators believed Sanford, who is the wealthiest person in South Dakota, had engaged in criminality and there was sufficient evidence to support an indictment, but the indictment never came. Did we mention Sanford’s the richest man in the state?

Colorado governor signs four gun control bills after massacre
Democratic Governor Jared Polis signed a package of lifesaving gun safety laws, delivering on the commonsense reforms most Americans want: age requirements, waiting period, stronger red flag laws, and accountability for gun manufacturers. Not long after the signing ceremony, NRA backed groups immediately begain suing to block the bills, which if successful would lead to lots of deaths, but that’s apparently beside the point.

Lauren Boebert calls on “patriots” to disrupt flights for MAGA in unhinged rant
The easily confused Trumper encouraged rally attendees to exercise their patriotism by *checks notes*harassing flight attendants to the point of getting kicked off planes. Just like the Founders would have wanted.

North Carolina Supreme Court clears way for partisan gerrymandering
In a stunning reversal of its own ruling banning partisan gerrymandering, the newly conservative majority Supreme Court of North Carolina ruled that state courts had no power to curb the legislature from imposing hyper-partisan election maps. This paves the way for outrageous racial gerrymanders that makes it more difficult for Democrats to compete in this critical battleground state. Read all about it in Republicans’ new book “How to win with deeply unpopular ideas.”


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