Tell Congress to make the Child Tax Credit permanent!

Target: United States Congress

The child tax credit that lifted three million children out of poverty in July alone is set to expire in January 2022. With the Build Back Better Act held up in the Senate, working families across the country will be lacking in assistance that is still desperately needed. 

The monthly payments went a long way, and for some families it meant the difference between missed meals and food on the table. Our nation’s leaders must work diligently for our youth to obtain equitable and sustainable lives – we need a permanent Child Tax Credit.

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Not only are the program’s benefits monumental for working families across the nation, it is also supported by a plurality of voters across demographics. It’s already had a significant effect on closing the racial wealth gap as well as improved the lives of children across the country.

Child poverty will not go away at the end of COVID-19. It is a national crisis that has plagued our communities for a long time, with hundreds more children being born into poverty each day. The Child Tax Credit is a much-needed investment in the youth of America that we need our elected officials to deliver. 

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