Tell Chuck Todd — You’re wrong! We are fans of Joe Biden!

Target: NBC Host Chuck Todd

NBC Host Chuck Todd has come under fire for asserting that President Joe Biden doesn’t have a loyal fanbase. Twitter users snapped back at Todd, one saying “Just because 81 million of us don’t wear T-shirts, wrap up our cars in banners, and build golden idols, doesn’t mean we aren’t out there.”

Maybe people like Todd are confused because the cult-like following of certain Republican politicians often imitates that of crazed teenagers following a boy band, but obsession does not equate to loyalty. Another account retorted, “Are you assuming Biden doesn’t have a loyal fan base because we haven’t stormed the Capitol, vandalized the building, and assaulted police officers? Let me explain something to you. We’re the good guys.” 

There’s a huge portion of America that is constantly celebrating the progressive accomplishments of Joe Biden, it’s time to prove public figures like Chuck Todd wrong.

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