Demand Congress save the Clean Air Act from Trump’s judges!

Target: United States Congress

The looming Supreme Court case, West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is threatening the future of our climate and our right to clean air. The ruling could prevent not only the EPA but all federal agencies from creating and enforcing any regulations to keep our air clean, our waters clear, and our forests un-pillaged. Coal companies and their Republican cronies want to prevent the EPA from ruling that more sustainable, low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar, and nuclear should be prioritized.

If the majority-conservative court guts the Clean Air Act, it is crucial that we pass it again immediately. The past 50 years of the Clean Air Act vastly improved air quality and stifled pollution significantly— to reverse it now would co-sign an even quicker environmental decline and put the entire world at risk.

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Since the Clean Air Act’s passage in the 1970s, multiple studies have proven it achieved a 78% decrease in certain pollutants and air quality improvement up to 73%. It’s lucky that we only have to imagine the world we would live in had the legislation not been enacted rather than live it. 

Even with the improvements from the legislation 50 years ago, we still had a long way to go to protect ourselves from intensifying climate disasters. For our Supreme Court to now consider killing one of the most basic environmental protections we have in place — and the fate of all environmental protections that exist or may exist in the future —  is criminal negligence. 

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