Tell Congress to learn from the pipeline hack: invest in clean energy!

Target: United States Congress

On May 7, one of our nation’s largest fuel pipelines was hit with a cyberattack that shut down operations. Colonel Pipeline, the operator of the pipeline, delivers over half of the jet fuel and automobile gasoline on the East Coast…which means the shutdown caused long backups at gas stations and backups at airports.

Our over-reliance on fossil fuels is not sustainable in any way, whether due to cyberattacks, global trade, or the damage of climate change. Our country must diversify into clean, renewable energy sources as quickly as possible!

Add your name to demand the United States expands its energy production into clean, renewable sources – no more fossil fuel pipelines!

Our dependence on gasoline has driven us to nearly the point of no return. Major cities around the world, from Venice to Jakarta, New Orleans to Lagos, are sinking and expected to be abandoned by the end of the century (or sooner) if we don’t turn this situation around. And fossil fuel consumption is the United States’ biggest contributor to the emergency.

Time to cut ties with fossil fuels.

Sign here to tell Congress to invest in clean, renewable energy and cut ties with our unsustainable over-reliance on fossil fuels!