Demand Democrats include REAL climate action in the infrastructure reconciliation bill!

United States Congress

We are seeing climate disasters accelerate at an alarming rate. In just the final week of June, the Pacific Northwest experienced an unprecedented series of heat waves that melted power cables and buckled asphalt; there was devastating flooding in Detroit that shut down a major freeway and left hundreds of vehicles stranded; there was an intense drought spreading from the West to the Great Plains.

Despite the uptick in catastrophic climate events, a group of bipartisan negotiators reached a deal with President Biden on a heavily reduced infrastructure package and completely cut out proposed climate action efforts in order to make it acceptable to Senate Republicans. 

Sign your name to tell Democrats that meaningful climate action must be included in an infrastructure reconciliation bill!

Scientists warn that the warming climate only promises more frequent events like these.

We need our representatives to fully ensure that real, substantive climate action is included and passed through the reconciliation process — and quickly.

Add your name to tell Democrats that climate action in a reconciliation bill is non-negotiable, the future of our planet is at stake!