Demand a commission to investigate Trump’s deadly insurrection!

Target: United States Congress

Trump’s January 6th insurrection to stop the certification of the Electoral College left five dead and the Capitol building ransacked. It is one of the darkest assaults on our democracy in our history and deserves both scrutiny and legal accountability.

But although Democrats and Republicans in the House have come close to a bipartisan agreement for how to proceed with the independent commission to investigate, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has backed out of the deal, leaving the fate of the investigation unclear.

Add your name to demand Congress passes a commission to investigate Trump’s violent January 6th insurrection to overturn our election!

McCarthy is trying to protect members of his own caucus – including himself – who actively have supported and defended both the false narrative of a stolen election and the violence itself. It is yet another attack on our democracy that Congress may not even investigate the insurrection, as the commission will need the support of Republican leadership to pass.

Unacceptable. We must have an examination of the events of January 6th…and of those Republican leaders who caused it.

Sign here to tell Congress that we need an independent commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. Zero accountability is not an option.