Demand Trump concede to President-elect Biden!

Target: Donald Trump

Joe Biden has won the electoral college, backed up with a historic popular vote majority! Now…it’s time for Trump to concede.

Conceding the presidential election isn’t the law – but it is an important tradition. Concessions signal to the candidate’s followers that it’s time to peacefully move on and accept the results of the will of the people.

But Trump has indicated his refusal to embrace a peaceful transition and has doubled-down with a refusal to concede, despite zero credible evidence to indicate the results are not as they seem.

Add your name here to tell Donald Trump to concede the election and willingly make way for Joe Biden.

Not all, but many of Trump’s supporters are angry, filled with misinformation, and armed, fueled by Trump himself. Lest we forget, he told the dangerous white supremacist group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during the first debate…and this is exactly the scenario for them to move forward to defend their leader through militia terrorism.

Trump must concede to promote peace, and allow the election system that elected him in to now usher him out.

Sign here to demand Donald Trump concedes his loss to Joe Biden.