Tell President Biden to condemn the Netanyahu regime’s attacks on Palestinian civilians

Target: President Biden

Israel’s far-right government, led by President Benjamin Netanyahu, is carrying out an illegal occupation (determined so by the United Nations many times) of Palestinian land. This often-violent occupation has expanded over decades, and millions of Palestinians live in a state of upheaval and apartheid, denied access to equal legal rights and basic needs including clean water, housing, medical access (including COVID-19 vaccinations), and the freedom to travel.

Tensions have escalated in recent weeks, including more forced evictions of Palestinians from East Jerusalem and tear-gassing the Al-Asqa Mosque…and although rockets have been fired from both sides, the Palestinian death, injury, and infrastructure devastation caused by the (much more powerful) Israeli rockets is – currently and historically – astoundingly higher than the reverse.

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Why is it so important President Biden speaks up? Because billions of dollars of US foreign aid supports Israel’s violent occupation. And repeatedly, the United States both blocks United Nations’ international calls for ceasefire and refuses to condemn Israel’s illegal settlement activities and its air strikes on civilians…including during this current crisis.

We must speak up.

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