Confirm your voter registration — before it's too late

Pennsylvania has already flipped the first of 24 seats Democrats need to take the House in 2018, winning a deeply red district by just 627 votes. And we’re predicting more to come. Signs of Trump dissatisfaction can be seen all over the country: nearly 40 state legislative Districts have flipped Democratic since his election, and even deep crimson Alabama got swept up in the blue wave!

Each victory has a common thread: Democrats getting out the vote in full force on Election Day.

So don’t delay: check your voter registration status and ensure you’re prepared for midterms.

Nobody said it was going to be easy to win back Congress. It’s going to take Democrats in every state showing up on the day that matters. But if you ever wondered whether your vote made a difference, look to Pennsylvania, where 627 individuals out of almost 230,000 just moved us one step closer to blocking Trump’s racist, war-mongering, anti-transgender, corporation-loving (we could go on…) agenda.

And with your help, we’re going to tackle it one vote at a time.

Check your voter registration status and make sure you’re ready to do your part in midterm elections to win back Congress.


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