Tell Pelosi and Schumer to implement a vaccine mandate at the Capitol!

As the Delta variant rampages parts of the U.S., we need strong messaging from our leaders that call for widespread vaccinations. Just in the last week of July, Florida alone accounted for 30% of the nation’s COVID-19 cases with a new daily high. 

While all of the Congressional Democrats were vaccinated in May, many members of the GOP are holding out and refusing vaccinations — some of which are simultaneously refusing to follow the new mask mandate at the Capitol. 

Add your name to tell Pelosi and Schumer to require that all Congressional members get vaccinated!

The COVID-19 pandemic has half a million Americans so far. GOP members denying the vaccination are denying what could have saved hundreds of thousands of loved ones, and subsequently putting even more of them at risk. 

Requiring our public officials is a matter of public health and national security. With evidence surfacing that even vaccinated people can spread the Delta variant, one wrong move could cause a super spreader event at our Capitol.

Sign here to demand full vaccination status throughout Congress to fight the new COVID-19 spike!