Send Steve Bannon to prison for violating congressional subpoena!

Target: Attorney General Merrick Garland

Steve Bannon has followed Trump’s advice to defy a subpoena from the committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, and fittingly, the House has voted to hold him in contempt. Now, it is up to Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice to decide whether or not to prosecute him. 

The January 6th insurrection was a direct attack on American democracy, every person deserves to know the full extent of the hand Trump and his allies played in it. Bannon attempted to wield executive privilege that he doesn’t have in order to protect necessary information about that fatal day. It’s criminal.

Add your name to demand Steve Bannon be prosecuted and convicted of contempt!

The former Trump strategist owes it to the country to tell his accounts of what happened on, and led up to, January 6th. How the House votes to handle his defiance, whether that be to hold him in criminal contempt or not, will set a precedent for any others close to Trump that may be looking to do the same.

Bannon is not above the law just because he is aligned with a former President (especially considering said-former-President incited a violent attack on the nation’s Capitol).

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