Tell Congress to stop corporate farms’ schemes to kill small farms!

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed factory farms for what they are — bad for our farmers, consumers, animals, the environment, and public health. Experts warn that infections, diseases and even full-blown pandemics can be born in these massive, cramped warehouses of livestock.

This is about more than individual choices. This is about a system that exploits workers, abuses animals, harms our environment, rips off consumers, and funnels the benefits to a small slice of corporations at the top.

Add your name to become a citizen co-sponsor to Cory Booker’s bill, The Farm System Reform Act, which would put a stop to factory farming for good!

In the early stages of the pandemic, the supply chain nearly failed due to hyper consolidation of our livestock and meat supply chain. Hundreds of meat processing workers died of COVID, all while multinational meatpackers made record profits and continued to influence federal farm policy.

Dire working conditions, unchecked pollution, animal cruelty, and squeezing small family farmers are just a few of the reasons why Booker has been leading the fight to end factory farms.

Add your name if you agree it’s time we reform our broken food system and invest billions of dollars transitioning to one that is safer, more resilient, and levels the playing field for workers, independent family farmers, and ranchers!