Charge Trump with reckless endangerment for knowingly debating President Biden with COVID!

Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows has just come forward with a long overdue admission — Trump had actually tested positive a week before the White House announced it, three days before his debate with President Biden.

After an almost completely mask-less Rose Garden ceremony for supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett, Trump tested positive for COVID. He then falsely tested negative with a different test. Despite Meadows alerting Trump’s immediate circle to treat it as if he was positive, the disgraced ex-President took it as a signal to carry on as normal… only to proceed to expose everyone around him.

Add your name to call for law enforcement to charge Trump with reckless endangerment for not taking precautions following his positive test result!

Instead of doing what was in the best interest of public health, Trump (unsurprisingly) decided to choose his own best interest. It wasn’t long after that the White House announced his and Melania’s positive results, with zero indication of the fact he had already tested positive.

Trump was unable to be tested right before the debate due to tardiness — which means his recklessness could have exposed President Biden, debate staff, and everyone else he came into contact with that week. 

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