Demand companies boycott CPAC for hosting Viktor Orban after his Nazi speech!

Target: CPAC Texas sponsors

America’s leading white supremacist convention is set to kick off next week in Dallas, Texas — the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — and headling the event is none other than Hungary’s far-right dictator, Viktor Orban.

The posterboy for aspiring neo-Nazi politicians and a beloved subject of Tucker Carlson’s show, Orban recently gave an appalling speech in which he decried “race mixing.” The speech was so offensive that his aide of two decades, Zsuzsa Hegedus, resigned in protest over what she condemned as a “pure Nazi text worthy of Goebbels.”

Demand CPAC refuse to host Viktor Orban after his Nazi speech!

Of course, that speech was music to the ears of the rabid attendees of CPAC, which has become more akin to a costumeless Klan rally than any kind of respectable political conference with the takeover of the party by Trump and his acolytes.

CPAC is sponsored by a slew of corporate donors, and a single dollar going from a corporation to this repulsive event is a dollar on behalf of white supremacy and an implicit endorsement of all the hateful beliefs that accompany it.

Demand companies boycott CPAC over hosting Viktor Orban after his Nazi speech!