Demand justice for Daunte Wright

Target: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Daunte Wright’s life mattered. But on April 11, he was shot to death by law enforcement during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, MN…just miles from where the murder of George Floyd by Officer Derek Chauvin launched nationwide protests last year. Another young Black man lost to us forever at the hands of a racist police institution, an utterly unnecessary and sickening tragedy.

Kim Potter, the officer who killed Wright, claims it was a mistake, that she intended to use her taser instead of her gun. Mistake or no, Daunte Wright is dead. Potter and the institution that continues to enable deadly force against people of color must be held fully accountable.

Add your name to demand justice for Daunte Wright. Kim Potter must be charged and tried.

The continued assault on Black people by police is inhumane, unjust, and designed to work this way. White supremacy and anti-Blackness were the reasons our law enforcement systems were created, and those sentiments continue to drive policing today.

Black lives matter. Rest in power, Daunte Wright.

Sign here to demand Officer Kim Potter is charged and tried for the killing of Daunte Wright.