Tell President Biden and Congress to abolish the death penalty!

Target: President Biden and Congress

Since 1973, 185 people sentenced to death in the US have been exonerated – it’s extremely clear that innocent people have and will continue to be killed by our so-called justice system. 

That’s a big reason why the death penalty has been banned in 106 countries and many more have official moratoriums. The United States is in the small minority that still uses capital punishment.

On the campaign trail, Biden pledged to abolish the federal death penalty, but hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet, leaving 27 states with capital punishment still on the books.

Add your name to demand President Biden and Congress abolish the death penalty nationwide.

Death row sentences are disproportionately given to people of color (42% of those on death row are Black, despite only being 13.4% of the US population) and when the victim is white. And nearly all of those on death row come from poverty, and many are mentally disabled.

We have no justification for upholding capital punishment. It’s time to catch up with the rest of the world.

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