Abolish the stupid debt ceiling!

Target: Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans

The debt ceiling isn’t about new spending. It limits America’s ability to pay bills it already owes — that it’s obligated to pay. It’s time to stop pretending that there is anything fiscally responsible about declining to raise the debt ceiling or even having one at all. Republicans haven’t had a problem going further into debt when it helps line the pockets of billionaires. In fact, the primary reason the debt has skyrocketed in the last few years in because of Republicans’ tax scams and handouts to the wealthy.

Senate Republicans like Mitch McConnell finally stopped blocking yet another crucial priority out of spite for the Biden administration — and it was one that could have cost the US millions of jobs. If Congress doesn’t act quickly in abolishing the country’s borrowing limit, it won’t be long until the US is close to defaulting on its’ debts again (creating another unnecessary crisis.)

The GOP could just as easily refuse to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling the next time the US reaches the limit. This affects more than just party politics, it affects the American people. Republicans in the Senate need to start treating it that way.

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Some Republicans have disguised their opposition as an aversion to “Biden’s spending plans,” but there was nothing proposed in the infrastructure package or reconciliation bill that was unwarranted. All of those investments, social and otherwise, are necessary for ensuring a sustainable and stable country. Not to mention, Democrats helped Republicans suspend the debt ceiling under the Trump administration (who added $8 trillion in national debt, by the way.) 

The debt ceiling wouldn’t even be a problem if the rich paid their fair share. We wouldn’t have to go into debt for critical things like infrastructure, climate change, healthcare, and childcare, because the wealthy and corporation already have the money to spare.  It’s ridiculous that McConnell had the ability to hold the US economy hostage in hopes of negotiating away critical investments for Americans. It’s time to abolish the debt limit.

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