Demand TSA de-gender their security screening processes!

Target: The Transportation Security Administration of America

Since the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent increase in airport security, there have been reports of unacceptable treatment toward transgender and nonbinary travelers from TSA. Millimeter wave scanners requires the TSA agent to identify someone’s gender based on their visual presentation alone and then sort them into a cisgender binary system with a pink “girl” button or blue “boy” button. 

The traveler’s body is then compared to models of cisgender men and women — where any anatomy out of the binary and gender-affirming objects (such as binders and prosthetics) could be identified as “anamolies” that subject them to intrusive pat downs and questioning. 

TSA’s algorithm works as if trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming travelers do not exist. It’s discrimination.

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Screening processes are identifying trans bodies as threats by design, and it’s well past time to discover an inclusive way to keep airports safe. In fact, a 2015 TSA study showed that the busiest airports could not identify a shocking 95% of weapons and bombs snuck in by undercover investigators using the current processes. 

High operating costs and a rate of false positives over 50% have indicated to countries with similar sized airports that millimeter wave scanners are just an illusion of safety. And it’s an illusion that comes at a price tag for some of our most marginalized communities.

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