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Top Stories for April 5:

For the first time in 15 years, liberals win control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

In a major win for abortion rights, voting rights, worker’s rights — pretty much ALL of our rights at this point — Democrat Janet Protasiewicz has decisively defeated Republican Dan Kelly in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election by a ten-point margin. The victory shifts control of the court from conservative to liberal, and will directly affect the way that Congressional districting unfolds as well as a slew of other issues. This is a very good day for democracy and a stunning voter repudiation of the right-wing’s appalling culture war narratives.

On a personal note, the atAdvocacy team has had the privilege of working closely with the amazing Wisconsin Democrats on a massive digital organizing effort with our incredible social media partners. It was incredibly effective, hugely gratifying, and we just could not be happier this morning. LFG!!!

Take Action: Kick Tucker Carlson off the air!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene gets what she deserves in New York surprise

The QAnon Congresswoman showed up in New York City to support Donald Trump during his arraignment and quickly discovered that New Yorkers don’t think too highly of her or her hateful politics.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act and protect workers’ rights!

Republicans make fatal mistake amid impending Trump indictment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen. What a dumb move…

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Progressive Brandon Johnson wins Chicago mayor’s race
Former teacher Brandon Johnson has defeated charter school ghoul Paul Vallas in a tight runoff election to become the new Mayor of Chicago. Vallas was the more right-wing candidate favored by Republicans and wanted more police on the streets while Johnson ran on more community programs and social spending. The stark difference between the two ostensibly Democratic candidates is perfectly crystallized by the fact that the head of the Chicago Police Union predicted that up to 1,000 cops would quit and move to Wisconsin in whiny protest if Vallas lost. Thankfully, the good people of Chicago did not fold to the cops’ authoritarian threat, which they are still welcome to follow through with.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass tough banking regulations!

Fox News says Carlson, Hannity, Bartiromo set to testify at defamation trial
The far-right hosts regularly — and more importantly, knowingly — spread absurd lies about the 2020 election in order to pander to their MAGA-poisoned viewers and keep the ad revenue rolling in. Now that the Dominion lawsuit is proceeding, Tucker and the rest will finally land in the hot seat and be forced to answer for what they’ve done.

Take Action: Pledge to boycott Fox News!

Trump lashes out at judge as Melania absent from post-arrest speech

Upon his return to Florida from his arraignment in New York, Trump immediately held a speech in which he attacked Judge Meacham AND his family in what can only be seen as a deliberate incitement to violence by his supporters, since an avalanche of death threats and harassment inevitably follow in the wake of a public targeting of Trump’s enemies. Notably absent from his side, however, was his wife Melania and his daughter Ivanka, showing just how many rats appear to be seeking a quick exit from a rapidly sinking ship.

Take Action: Disqualify Trump from holding public office!

Florida Democrats troll Ron DeSantis with calls to ban his own book from Florida schools
DeSantis decided to make a war on education and reading one of the cornerstones of his disastrous administration and it’s now backfiring beautifully. Harnessing the very same vague laws that Republicans are using to ban books that offend their far-right theocratic beliefs, Democrats are calling for the removal of DeSantis’s book from school libraries by pointing out that he repeatedly uses the terms “gender ideology” and “woke,” despite the fact that he does not believe “divisive concepts” should be allowed in curricula.

The real Speaker of the House: Matt Gaetz

atAdvocacy Partner: The worst of the worst holds the real power in Congress — but we can end this circus if we win back the majority! United Rural Democrats is working overtime to support Democrats in rural areas who can WIN with resources and infrastructure. Can you chip in to help us retake the House from Trump’s radical goons?

North Carolina Democrat expected to change parties and betray her voters
Making a switch to the GOP at the height of its embrace of fascism and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric is nakedly careerist at best and deeply evil at worst but that doesn’t appear to be factoring into the thinking of Rep. Tricia Cotham, a “moderate” Democrat who is poised to make a jump to the party of Trump. Such a wildly undemocratic move would cement Republicans’ toe-hold in a fast-changing swing state, handing them a veto-proof majority in the middle of the legislative session and a clear runway to enact their draconian, hateful agenda despite opposition from Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. The fact that Cotham is in a Biden +20 district makes it clear there’s something else happening behind the scenes…some sort of corrupt quid pro quo, daresay? Because this makes ZERO sense whatsoever.

Florida Democratic Chair Nikki Fried, Sen. Lauren Book arrested during abortion bill protest
The Republican theocracy of Florida has arrested the leader of the opposition and a prominent lawmaker and charged them with “tresspassing” as the radical right-wing legislature passed an even more draconian abortion ban than they previously had. “Every single day in our state right now, you’re seeing atrocious things happening in Tallahassee out of the capital, taking away our freedoms, taking away a woman’s right to choose, making it less safe in our streets. After the governor signed that, the permitless carried today and every single day in Tallahassee, it is getting worse and worse for the people of our state. And so we’re going to continue to fight!” said a defiant Fried to the media.

Trump and Michael Cohen met in White House Oval Office to discuss hush payments that led to his arrest
During the Obama administration, Republicans shrieked in outrage when the president was photographed with his foot propped up on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Now, it’s been revealed that Donald Trump was literally committing crimes in that very same room — and Republicans don’t have a single ill word to say about it.


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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to do MORE to reduce gun violence! 

We have already reached over 130 mass shootings this calendar year. Enough is enough! We MUST finally begin the job of curbing the epidemic of unspeakable — and very preventable — gun violence and pass the real, meaningful gun safety reform that is supported by a clear majority of Americans. 

In the first month of 2023, there were nearly 40 mass shootings throughout the country. Yes, you read that right. That’s more than any other January since the Gun Violence Archives began keeping such records in 2014. Since then, the bloody toll has risen at a shocking pace. It’s unacceptable that after so much loss, our elected officials still haven’t managed to advance any meaningful anti-gun violence legislation through Congress. In the United States it is still legal to own an AR-15, the very killing machine that has been used time and time again to murder and maim innocent Americans en masse. AR-15-style rifles were used in the mass murders at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, the Poway synagogue, the Tree of Life synagogue, the Buffalo supermarket, Uvalde…the list goes on and on — and will continue to be used to massacre innocent civilians unless we finally do something about it. 

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives and demand Congress immediately take action to ban AR-15s and other assault rifles! 

Once the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) signed into law by President Clinton in 1994 expired in 2004, the number of deaths in mass shootings skyrocketed. Assault rifles are specifically designed to kill on the battlefield; there is no reason they should ever be in civilian hands. 

There were 735 mass shootings in the United States last year, up from 693 in 2021. Excluding suicide, there were 20,726 gun deaths in 2021, as well. According to the Washington Post, a child is shot every hour in America. We simply cannot stand idly by and let 2023 continue this horrific trend. The cause of this problem is clear — it’s the guns! 

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives to demand Congress ban assault weapons immediately!

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