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Top Stories for November 9:

Democrats overperform in midterm elections, dashing Republican dreams of a “Red Wave”

Republicans promised a night of resounding MAGA victories — instead it looks like Democrats will pull off the most successful midterm for a president’s party in decades with control of Congress still unknown.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department prosecute DeSantis and Abbott for their Martha’s Vineyard migrant stunt!

Gloves off: Biden deals brutal blow to Marjorie Taylor Greene

The president publicly shredded the QAnon Congresswoman for hoovering up government aid while refusing to extend the same privilege to other Americans.

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Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Michigan Democrats seize state trifecta for the first time since 1984
In a historic sweep, Democrats won the governorship and flipped the entire legislature and kept control of the state Supreme Court and passed state referendums protecting the right to an abortion and voting rights.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect immigrant youths from deportation!

Abortion rights win in four states, including Kentucky
Voters sent a decisive message to anti-abortion extremists, approving state referendums protecting the right to an abortion (and rejecting one that would have denied it), proving once again what the polls show time and time again — Americans believe in the right to an abortion and will fight to protect it.

Take Action: Tell Congress to add new tax brackets for the megawealthy!

John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Senate seat, defeating Dr. OZ in nailbiter

Democrats scored a massive victory by winning one of the cycle’s most crucial races as the staunchly progressive Fetterman sent the dog-murdering, pee-swilling snake-oil selling Dr. Oz packing back to New Jersey.

Take Action: Protect renters from unfair evictions!

PA AG Josh Shapiro handily defeats rabid election denier Doug Mastriano
We can all breathe a sigh of relief. The far-right extremist who vowed to abuse his power to ensure PA’s electoral votes would never go to Democrats and whose campaign was mostly spent doing damage control for his association with various white supremacists lost bigly to the well-respected Josh Shapiro, who is someone to keep an eye on as a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Don’t let them erase our history!

National Women’s History Museum: It’s no secret that some politicians are actively trying to erase women’s rights and the battles that won them. National Women’s History Museum is fighting back to ensure that the vital lessons of the past are preserved and our equal rights restored for future generations. Please chip in today to support their vital work!

Florida Democratic Party collapses as Republicans flip Miami-Dade en route to huge wins
Florida is the latest case-in-point that running to “the center” is a failed strategy when the alternative is running on actually progressive values that will improve lives.

Tim Ryan falls to unsettling Trump suckup JD Vance in Ohio Senate race
While he may not have ultimately won, Ryan’s surprisingly competitive campaign did help the Democrats pick up two key House races in Ohio. We thank you for your service, Mr. Ryan.

Greg Abbott defeats Beto O’Rourke in Texas governor’s race
It’s a marathon, not a sprint and eventually the Lone Star State will go blue — but for now Texans have somehow decided to reelect their astoundingly inept and corrupt MAGA governor to another disastrous term. As much as we love Beto, after three consecutive election losses, perhaps it’s time to go back to skateboarding.

The crucial race for Georgia’s Senate race somehow heads to runoff
Senator Warnock leads by the slightest of margins against the deeply embarassing Herschel Walker, but the race is likely to go to a runoff — leaving plenty of time for more of Walker’s dirty laundry to come spilling out into the open.


The governor’s mansion

House party


Today’s Action: Take a well-deserved break, then let’s get back to work. 

We still don’t know who will control Congress for the next two years, but we do know this: Republicans’ red wave, it ain’t happenin’. Not on your watch.

In fact, with the fate of American democracy hanging in the balance, Democrats have likely secured the most successful midterm for a president’s party in decades — and it’s not an accident. It’s because of your work. You should be proud, and you deserve take a well-earned exhale.

Six years ago, when we started OD Action, in the wake of the most devastating election in our lifetimes, the popular sentiment was that it was time to lick our wounds and scream into a sheet cake. We decided it was time to fight back.

You joined us, and we won. We won in 2018, won in 2020, and however things shake out in the 2022 midterms, we know that we have defied expectations and made history.

So give yourself a break today! You’ve earned it. Take a moment to recharge, because this is far from over. MAGA fascism isn’t going anywhere, so neither are we.

We are so grateful to stand with you. Give yourself some time to breathe today. And get ready to fight again tomorrow.


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