Demand the Justice Department prosecute DeSantis and Abbott for their Martha’s Vineyard migrant stunt!


Top Stories for October 16:

Florida governor Ron DeSantis will fly migrants to Illinois and Delaware

While his state struggles with the devastation of Hurricane Ian, Ron DeSantis has announced his intention to pour more and more public resources into cruel, useless, and likely illegal immigration stunts.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ron Johnson gets booed in his own state live on stage

The unrepentant insurrectionist senator got an earful from his own voters.

The GOP is just a few seats away from passing a national abortion ban

NextGen: Every woman in the country could have her bodily autonomy ripped away from her by radical zealots if we don’t win this November. The stakes could not be any higher. NEXTGEN is working around the clock to mobilize young voters and make sure we have the turnout we need to protect our majorities in Congress. Can you chip in to help elect pro-choice Democrats up and down the ballot?

Fetterman campaign to Dem super PAC: Drop dead
Fetterman’s campaign manager, Brendan Phillips, publicly called out the “Scam PAC,” Democratic Coalition, for raising money off Fetterman’s name and not using the money to support the campaign.

KCPD said missing Black women reports were “completely unfounded.” Less than a month later, one escapes after being kidnapped and tortured for over a month
The horrifying story of the woman identified only as “T.J.” and her abuse at the hands of white male Timothy Haslett Jr. is yet another grim reminder of how little the police seem to care about Black Americans — and their ostensible duty to “protect and serve.”

Elon Musk reverses course, says SpaceX will keep funding Ukraine Starlink service for free
The billionaire tech bozo abruptly changed his mind after a shameless attempt to pass the funding for the critical Starlink communications network on to the American public sparked a firestorm of condemnation.

OD Action among nearly 250 groups pushing Senate to defy telecom attacks and confirm Biden FCC pick
21 months into President Biden’s first term, the FCC is still locked in a 2-2 partisan deadlock, hampering efforts to secure universal high-speed internet and reverse the damage Trump did to net neutrality rules.

The death knell for Herschel Walker’s campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He won’t come back from this.

Secret Service documents handed over to January 6 committee show law enforcement downplayed Capitol threats
Trump’s Secret Service was well aware of the threats of violence that would manifest themselves on January 6th — and did almost nothing about it.

Native Americans recall torture, hatred at boarding schools
“The only thing they didn’t do was put us in (an oven) and gas us,” recalled one survivor of the US government-backed boarding schools for Native children, where they were told that their native language was the “devil’s speak.” Rosalie Whirlwind Soldier’s chilling testimony came as part of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s “Road to Healing” initiative, raising awareness of the horrifying treatment that Native children endured in the 400 or so state-run boarding schools operated from the 19th century into the 1960s — yet another disgraceful chapter in white America’s genocide against the indigenous. At least 500 children died in these schools.

Arizona AG’s office asks feds to investigate conservative nonprofit True the Vote
Yet another pro-Trump election denial conspiracy group has come under federal scrutiny for shady financial dealings. We’re shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked. Actually not at all.

Biden State Department endorses lies justifying Bolivia’s right-wing coup
A report obtained by The Intercept shows the Biden administration following in the Trump admin’s footsteps and embracing claims of electoral fraud that opened the door for a right-wing takeover of the Bolivian government in 2019.

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