Demand Ron DeSantis resign for publicly bullying children he is supposed to serve!

Target: Governor Ron DeSantis

The controversial Governor of Florida once again made headlines on March 2nd when he chose to publicly scold a group of high school students for wearing masks during an event.

“You do not have to wear those masks…I mean, please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything and we’ve gotta stop with this COVID theater. So if you want to wear it, fine, but this is ridiculous,” said DeSantis, clearly attempting to bully teenagers for the cameras and advance his nihilistic and monstrously selfish crusade against COVID-19 safety measures.

Sign your name to demand Governor DeSantis resign for demeaning the children he is supposed to serve!

While other states have taken common-sense public safety measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, DeSantis has defiantly refused to do the same in his state, using the pandemic to advance his political career while his citizens died by the thousands.

Coming on the heels of his support for the appalling “Don’t Say Gay” bill that attempts to force gay Floridian students back into the closet, it’s clear that “family values” hypocrite Ron DeSantis cares nothing for Floridian children — or anything at all besides his own ambitions.

Demand Ron DeSantis resign for publicly bullying his state’s children!