Stop insurrectionists from holding office!

January 6th was an attack on American democracy, not simply a pro-Trump rally that got out of hand. The reality is, the attack is ongoing – and it’s being ramped up by legislators who continue to push Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’

There’s plenty of examples of Republicans encouraging, inciting, and even taking part in the attempted coup against our democracy. Whether it was by actively supporting or participating in the events leading up to January 6th, insurrectionists co-signed a fatal ambush.

Add your name to call for all insurrectionists to be barred from holding office!

Insurrectionists are working to undermine the public’s faith in our safe and secure elections through conspiracy. On top of that, many have been called out for their violent rhetoric against progressives – carrying on the spirit of the riots in true Trumpian fashion. Insurrectionists have no place in our government, and if the courts won’t remove them, it’s on us to ensure they lose at the polls in November.

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