Stop Republican voter suppression in the states!

Since disgraced ex-President Trump lost his re-election and President Biden took office with a new Democratic Senate majority, Republicans have been on a rampage to rig elections in every state where they have the power. Their strategy: keeping Democrats from voting, especially people of color.

Republicans have introduced nearly 400 voter suppression bills, many of which have already been signed into law – including in the battlegrounds of Georgia, Florida, and Arizona.

These bills are intentionally racist, targeting BIPOC neighborhoods and election officials, and classist, cutting accessible voting opportunities for working Americans (such as vote-by-mail and extended poll hours) while increasing associated financial costs (like requiring government-issued picture IDs).

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The evidence is clear: when everyone who wants to vote can and does, Democrats win. And Republicans have noticed – which is why their strategy is to shut those votes down, rather than try to win them over. 

Voting is a right. It shouldn’t take leaping over hurdles to participate.

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Photo Credit: Michael Fleishman