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BREAKING: North Carolina accepts Obamacare Medicaid expansion

Top Stories for March 3:

Trump can be sued by police over Jan. 6, Justice Department says

The disgraced ex-president’s legal troubles are about to get a WHOLE lot worse now that the DOJ has ruled that the Capitol Police who suffered at the hands of January 6 insurrectionists can sue Trump, the man responsible for inciting the violence. Now if they can sue him, why can’t we indict him? Special Counsel Jack Smith, let’s get on with it!

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Biden embarrasses Marjorie Taylor Greene on stage, crowd erupts laughing

The president turned the Georgia congresswoman’s bad faith attempt to blame him for drug overdoses on its head.

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Republicans caught pulling DISGUSTING stunt over train derailment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Unbelievable. Brian Tyler Cohen’s videos are now in Spanish! If you have friends or family who speak Spanish and want to keep up with politics, please send them this link to subscribe to my channel. And if you want to help support the Spanish effort, you can also watch and subscribe just to get things moving in the algorithm. Every bit helps!

Jim Jordan’s ballyhooed FBI “whistleblowers” received payments from Trump crony, spread wild conspiracies
The first three FBI “whistleblowers” to testify in front of the Republican-led committee investigating the “weaponization” of government against conservatives received nothing-to-see-here-folks payments from a top ally of Donald Trump — and have a history of spreading an “alarming series of conspiracy theories related to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, the COVID vaccine, and the validity of the 2020 election,” according to House Democrats. Oops!

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NLRB Judge orders Starbucks to rehire workers, reopen stores closed in retaliation for unionization
In a huge win for workers, the National Labor Relations Board found Starbucks guilty of illegally firing workers and closing stores. The NLRB is also forcing CEO Howard Schultz to record a video of himself reading his employees their rights in the workplace like he’s a Twitch streamer making an apology video for saying the no-no word. Incredible. Amazing. Chef’s kiss.

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Biden won’t veto GOP effort to undermine DC autonomy
In a disappointing defeat for advocates of “Home Rule” in Washington, DC, the White House announced it won’t be vetoing a Republican (and Manchin-backed) effort to override recent city council-approved changes to the district’s criminal code lowering the maximum sentence for certain offenses, including carjackings. While reasonable arguments can be made about the wisdom and value of sentencing guidelines, Biden’s decision is a significant setback for the city’s long-running efforts to establish truly autonomous home rule and, eventually, full statehood.

Justice Department sues major polluter in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley”

The Biden administration sued a chemical company operating in southeast Louisiana, compelling it to face up to the cancer risk generated by its toxic emissions, a move that activists have been demanding for years. Far too many negligent corporations have been able to poison the American people with impunity for decades. The Biden administration’s decision to hold Denka Performance Elastomer accountable is a most welcomed decision — one that should be repeated on behalf of suffering communities across the country.

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atAdvocacy Partner: Piper Perabo of Yellowstone fame and Billy Ray of the Hunger Games collaborate with No Dem Left Behind to produce a drop-the-mic response to this “radical left” nonsense.

House Ethics Committee announces investigation into embattled Rep. George Santos
It’s finally here! The ethics probe into the infamous sliced bread developer and PhD in chihuahua studies has finally begun, for real, not like when Kevin McCarthy said that he was already under investigation back in February. The investigation includes an allegation of sexual misconduct. It’s time to start reaping the rotten oats from all those lies he sowed, and lawd his field is a-bursting!

Powerful speech halts bathroom ban in Arkansas: “most extreme anti-trans law in America” gets pulled
In an inspiring victory for trans Americans, one of the worst anti-trans laws in America was thrown in the trash, thanks to an impassioned speech from Democratic state Sen. Clarke Tucker. In this era of contempt and partisan extremism, it’s so gratifying to see that sometimes a good speech is all it takes to change people’s minds.

Narrator of neo-Nazi “Terrorgram,” white supremacist promoter of mass shootings outed in Sacramento
Antifascist researchers have identified Sacramento dildo salesperson, academic tutor, and sentient virus Dallas Erin Humber as one of the main propagandists behind the despicable, deadly dangerous neo-Nazi Terrorgram Collective, an online organization that romanticizes mass shooters as saints and openly advocates for a global, whites-only civilization. Wonderful.

Families dispute “whistleblower’s” allegations against St. Louis transgender center
Last week, right-wing grievance preacher Bari Weiss’ “Free Press” blog published a shocking “whistleblower” account of the practices of a St. Louis transgender health clinic that accused the clinic of handing out surgeries and hormones to children willy-nilly. Actual, real reporters with ethics and journalistic standards began interviewing the parents of kids who sought treatment there and — stop us if you’ve heard this before — it turns out it’s all bullshit used to promote a hateful, bigoted anti-trans fearmongering campaign. Usually, this kind of humiliating debunking would mean the end of a career and loss of all credibility, but in today’s media griftoconomy, it’ll be forgotten in days.


Avalanche of bigotry

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Today’s Action: Protect Kentucky’s Trans Kids — Oppose SB150!

Republican lawmakers in Kentucky are needlessly targeting trans kids with legislation that undermines their plight and threatens their very existence. Senate Bill 150 (SB150) is drawing national attention from advocacy groups due to both its unsettling nature and complete irrelevance to actual issues facing Kentuckians. Among other changes, the bill would make using children’s preferred pronouns optional to their teachers, a measure proven to be detrimental to LGBTQ+ youth.

We cannot allow the identities of our most vulnerable children to be flatly dismissed or optionally recognized by those entrusted to educate and care for them in schools. SB150 is an inhumane assault on identity, especially for kids who are still figuring it out. This bill would set a dangerous precedent for trans kids throughout the country — with the onslaught of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation pushed by far-right Republicans, we can’t afford to slip up anywhere. If school isn’t safe for our LGBTQ+ youth, what is?

“I go to this tiny school of 500 people, maybe not even that, and I can list off the top of my head probably 20 trans kids. It’s a lot,” a teenage organizer told a Kentucky reporter. “We’re here, and even if it doesn’t affect you personally, you should fight for us.”

Contact Kentucky lawmakers through the Kentucky Fairness Campaign, and let them know that people across the nation are watching to see how they stand up for trans students!

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