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Top Stories for December 17:

Department of Justice seized MAGA congressman 1/6 emails with Trump team

Remember the time that a whole bunch of elected officials in the Republican Party conspired to overthrow American democracy? Yeah, apparently, the Justice Department does too. U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell unsealed a slew of opinions that revealed a number of communications by Rep. Scott Perry and Trump’s election-steal lawyers were NOT protected by attorney-client privilege.

Take Action: Tell the Special Counsel to indict Donald Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jamie Raskin shuts down Ron DeSantis in brilliant takedown

The rabidly anti-science DeSantis rolled out new initiatives this week that play on leftover COVID-19 conspiracy theories about vaccines and the CDC, but Jamie Raskin wouldn’t let this latest round of misinformation and distraction go unpunished.

Take Action: Don’t cut bipartisan deals with Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Run your home on clean, renewable energy — in 2 minutes

Arcadia: Whether you rent or own your home, Arcadia can help you power it with 100% clean energy for just $5/month — no installations, long-term commitments, or changes to your current electricity provider. Sign up today and get $10 toward your power bill

Merrick Garland orders end to crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity
Biden’s DOJ is moving to end sentencing guidelines that have led to harsher penalties for crack cocaine crimes than for its powdered cousin, deepening racial inequity in the criminal justice system in the process.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the Equality Act during the lame-duck session!

Former Twitter employee sentenced for selling user data to Saudis
Republicans are obsessed with making TikTok and its Chinese owners a national security bogeyman, but conservatives inside and outside of congress are giving Twitter and its nearly identical security issues a free pass – all becasue Elon Musk is doing their dirty work.

Take Action: Tell Elon Musk to keep Trump off of Twitter for good!

QAnon insurrectionist filmed chasing officer down Capitol hallway sentenced

Doug Jensen achieved infamy when he led the mob of attackers chasing baton-wielding officer Eugene Goodman up the stairs and through the halls of the Capitol just steps from where senators were sheltering in place. Now he’ll serve 5 years in prison.

Court rejects last-ditch red-state push to keep Trump-era asylum ban in place
Several Republican-led states are desperately trying to prevent the Biden administration from finally ending Trump’s Title 42 next week, but the DC Circuit Court of Appeals just shot down their eleventh-hour ploy.

Fox News hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

State law allowing trans girls to compete in girls high school sports upheld
A federal appeals court dismissed a challenge to Connecticut’s pro-transgender law, rejecting a suit brought by cisgender female runners arguing that being forced to compete against transgender women is unfair. The ruling could pave the way for the Supreme Court to take up transgender issues for the first time.

Madison Cawthorn sued by own attorney for nearly $200,000
It appears the insurrectionist soon-to-be ex-Congressman has taken a leaf out of his cult leader’s book — just don’t pay your bills! Unfortunately for him, it backfired in the bigliest way immediately.

Judge warned a year ago that Club Q killer had plans that were “going to be so bad”
Judge Robin Chittum dismissed a 2021 kidnapping case against the Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich before issuing his warning that he was planning a shootout and needed mental health treatment.

Senate passes massive $858 billion defense bill that also ends vaccine mandate
No one seemed at all concerned about how we’re going to pay for it, what it will do to inflation, or whether it will impact the deficit. Shocker, right?


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