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Top Stories for March 31:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump issues unhinged response to bombshell indictment

The disgraced ex-president and man who should stop firing his proofreaders flipped out at being “indicated” by prosecutors for the first time in both his life and in ex-presidential history, painting himself as the most persecuted man ever and making sure to lay on the anti-Semitic dogwhistles in his ravings. Sad!

Take Action: Investigate Lindsey Graham for inciting violence to protect Trump!

State Rep. Pamela Stephenson delivers stunningly powerful speech in response to Kentucky’s draconian anti-trans bill

As heartless Republicans voted to override the governor’s veto of a devastating package of institutionalized anti-trans bigotry, one rep called out their cruelty to their faces in one of the most moving speeches you’ll ever see.

Take Action: Disqualify Trump from holding public office!

Four days until the most important election of 2023

Wisconsin Democrats: Electing Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court is the ONLY way we can protect abortion rights, thwart voter suppression, undo gerrymanders, and keep Trump’s goons from stealing the election in 2024! Will you make a donation to propel us to victory in this must-win race?

DeSantis says Florida “will not assist” in a Trump “extradition” after grand jury indictment
After tippy-toeing around a potential Trump indictment, DeSantis has proved he’s yet another Republican wet noodle by issuing a statement promising to fight any efforts to legally extradite the Florida man from his ketchup grotto at Mar-a-Lago. But since Trump is going to turn himself in, there is no extradition, and this grandstanding is nothing but a desperate way to insert himself into the story and raise his OWN profile off the coattails of another.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to free Native activist Leonard Peltier!

Missouri GOP votes to defund public libraries
The Republican-controlled state House has put forth budget bills that would eliminate all state funding for libraries in Missouri, $4.5 million in total. The move accomplishes two primary right-wing goals: freeing up more money for tax cuts and dumbing down the voting populace even further.

Take Action: Restore the banking rules that Trump got rid of!

Texas judge strikes down free HIV drugs, cancer screenings under Obamacare

Bush-appointed Judge Reed O’Connor has struck down a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, jeopardizing free coverage of a wide range of preventive services including mammograms, colonoscopies and mental health screenings for the nearly 168 million people on employer health insurance and on Obamacare’s individual market. It is not hyperbolic to say people will die in droves if this holds. Appeals have been filed posthaste by the Biden team.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act and protect workers’ rights!

Ivanka Trump is so over helping out her embattled dad, report says
Like, omg. She’s just so over it. Once her father’s trusted right-hand woman, Ivanka apparently “no longer” has a, like, professional relationship with him because she thinks he’s, like, “impossible” and believes that the only ones who can, like, “help” him now are his lawyers and advisers. Sources says that she like, “wants a new life” and feels entitled to compensation for the four years she “lost” in the White House — which is an deranged thing to say given the fact that the entire Trump family treated the US government like their personal expense account and siphoned literally millions of dollars into their pockets. But now that the gravy train is off, Ivanka just wants to be able to go to brunch again without her friends badgering her about the time her dad tried to overthrow the government. Life can be sooooooooo hard sometimes :'(

Trump’s last-ditch effort to avoid prosecution BLOWS UP in his face

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This did not turn out well for Trump…

1-year-old allegedly fatally shot by 5-year-old sibling at apartment
Who’s the “bad guy” when a toddler kills another toddler? The Republican legislators who put the gun within arm’s reach, and made guns the leading cause of death among children in America. It’s the guns it’s the guns it’s the guns it’s the gun it’s the gu—

Hundreds of passengers have said they were sexually assaulted on cruise ships. Their stories highlight years of lax security, critics say
In dozens of court documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News, cruise ship passengers say they have been dragged into cabins and raped, pushed into janitors’ closets and assaulted, and even attacked in the public corridors of ships. Likewise, parents and guardians have alleged that their children were molested by other passengers or crew members, plied with alcohol, and in some instances, abused by daycare staffers at onboard activity centers. As recently as two weeks ago, the parents of a 17-year-old passenger filed a civil suit alleging she was raped by a fitness instructor onboard a Carnival cruise ship. It’s time for a full federal intervention.

Ex-Fox producer said she gave misleading testimony in Dominion case “to keep my job”
Abby Grossberg, the former Fox News producer who accused the Republican propaganda machine of pressuring her into giving misleading testimony in the Dominion defamation case, said in her first TV interview that she was “bullied, intimidated and coerced” into protecting the right-wing network to keep her job. The possibility that she and others may have been suborned into giving false statements, perhaps even perjuring themselves in the process, really feels like some the Justice Department should immediately begin rigorously investigating.

San Jose police union exec charged with attempt to import and sell massive amounts of fentanyl
While Republicans in Congress howl bad faith nonsense about how President Biden hates the police and has lax border policies, a shocking case highlights how the flow of drugs into the country often comes through…the police themselves. The PRESIDENT of the San Jose police union has been charged in a scheme to distribute drugs, including fentanyl. Federal prosecutors allege that she ordered thousands of pills online and intended to distribute them throughout the United States. Is THIS what Republicans mean by law and order?


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Today’s Action: Call voters for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election NEXT WEEK! 

We are exactly FOUR DAYS out from the crucial Supreme Court election in Wisconsin, and the stakes COULD NOT be any higher. Progressive voters have a chance to flip control of the state Supreme Court and help restore equitable access to reproductive healthcare. Securing Democratic seats on the state’s high court could spell the end of the current, near-total abortion ban that’s been on the books since 1849. And since Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin is some of the most egregious in the country, this may be our best chance at restoring reproductive rights for marginalized people currently being denied equitable access to care — not to mention protecting our elections from any GOP shenanigans in 2024. 

 While progressives have managed to deliver a string of recent statewide abortion-rights victories in the wake of last summer’s disastrous SCOTUS ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, we must be steadfast in our pursuit to restore and preserve access to abortion care to the millions of folks living in Republican-dominated red states. The battle for reproductive healthcare is raging, and we must stand ready to fight. 

Sign up to call voters for Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election THIS SUNDAY from 6pm to 8pm CDT! You don’t have to be in Wisconsin to join the fight, just be ready to put in the work to help identify and register new Wisconsin voters! 


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