Tell President Biden you support real climate action NOW!

Target: President Biden

Building back better means making bold climate investments to protect our health, cut dangerous pollution, advance environmental justice, reduce energy costs for families and create good-paying clean energy jobs. It also means tackling the largest sources of pollution — the transportation, electric power and industrial sectors — in an inclusive way, without leaving anyone behind.

America’s future depends on bold action, including:

      • Building a stronger, cleaner manufacturing sector;
      • Saving lives and reducing illness from pollution;
      • Making energy cleaner and more affordable; and
      • Advancing environmental justice.

That’s why President Biden must use every tool available to take meaningful action on climate. He needs to do all he can to pass the $550 billion in investments that will deliver on climate, justice, jobs and clean energy and protect our health and environment.

We’re fighting for climate action. But time is running out. Sign the Climate Can’t Wait Petition and tell President Biden to continue making climate a priority.

The Build Back Better Act will provide tangible investments that will benefit every American and put our nation on track to combat the climate crisis. But our leaders need to act now. Only with their support can we deliver transformative investments that will accelerate our transition to a clean economy, reduce pollution, create good jobs and lower costs for consumers.

Add your name to tell President Biden we need him to continue making climate change a priority and help get the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act!