Call on the Senate to pass President Biden’s transformative climate plan NOW!

Target: United States Senate

Times are tough, but there’s still a real chance to get a historic climate bill passed in Congress. The President has called the climate crisis “code red” for the planet and his plan includes billions of dollars of investment for climate change, green energy, and environmental justice. We just need to get it passed!

The stark reality is that the latest report from the top climate scientists in the world says that the most important thing we can do is muster the political will to get transformative climate solutions in place.

There is enough support for these investments in the US Senate, they just need to get a deal done. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot (and before the planet gets much hotter)!

Demand the Senate pass President Biden’s ambitious and crucially important climate investment plan!

If this bill passes, it would be a turning point in American history. We will modernize the American economy with a transition to clean energy, reduce air pollution, drive investments into communities of greatest need, spur massive innovation and create tons of new jobs while helping stave off climate disasters and slowing the relentless onslaught of global warming.

This is an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.

Call on the Senate to pass Biden’s transformative climate, clean power, and environmental justice package now!